10 Advertisements By BTS That Prove Just How Powerful Their Influence Is To The World

This is only a portion of what they have done.

BTS’s power and influence has become more than just their music and their message, as their name has become a brand in itself. With their rise in popularity all over the world, they have become one of the most sought after group to collaborate or sign a contract with by major companies. Here’s a list of some of the brands that BTS has worked with!

1. Seoul X BTS

BTS has been the honorary tourism ambassadors for the city of Seoul since 2017 and have continued to spread the culture of Korea to fans all around the world.

| @VisitSeoul TV/YouTube


FILA chose to work with BTS as their global endorsement model last year because the group’s energetic image matched well with the brand’s identity.

3. Lemona X BTS

They also became the brand models for vitamin brand Lemona last year as a way to expand the overseas market of the product.

4. Hyundai X BTS

Hyundai Motor Group worked with BTS in order to give a better understanding of the global hydrogen campaign.

| @HyundaiWorldwide/YouTube

5. Samsung X BTS

BTS worked with Samsung to release a special BTS edition phone that comes with pre-installed BTS themes as well as Weverse.

6. Chilsung Cider X BTS

BTS became the new models for Chilsung Cider earlier this year and endorsed the company’s new orange and peach flavored drinks.

7. Formula E X BTS

BTS became the global ambassadors of ABB FIA Formula E at the end of last year as a way to promote how electric vehicles can help fight climate change.

| @Abb Formula E/YouTube

8. Bodyfriend X BTS

BTS also teamed up with luxury massage chair Bodyfriend and have helped the brand’s sales increase in no time at all.

9. Starbucks X BTS

At the beginning of this year, BTS teamed up with Starbucks to release merchandise and food as part of the “Be the Brightest Stars” campaign that helped the educational development for young, disadvantaged people.

| @StarbucksKorea/Twitter

10. Baskin Robbins X BTS

BTS most recently revealed to be collaborating with Baskin Robbins to release a special ‘7’ cake to celebrate their seventh year since debut.

| @BaskinrobbinsKR/Twitter

These are only some of the many endorsements and collaborations that BTS has done so far. They have also done other brands including jewelry, clothes and more. Fans are excited to see what other brands BTS will be working with in the future!