10 Airport Outfits That Made Everyone Fall In Love With EXO Chanyeol’s Style

His fashion choices can be unusual, but they work so well.

There’s just so much to love about EXO’s Chanyeol—from his rapping to his visuals, and now his sense of fashion. Here are 10 airport outfits that made everyone fall in love with his style.

#1. Chanyeol in August 2019

Chanyeol’s worn this sweater a few times, making it a fan favorite among EXO-Ls. And when he paired it with a bucket hat and specs, everyone was obsessed with this cute twist on an edgy piece.

#2. Chanyeol in May 2017

Chanyeol always looks like sunshine, but this summery yellow coat from NOUVMAREE really reflected that.

#3. Chanyeol in July 2019

Chanyeol rarely goes for street style at the airport, but when he does, he really nails it. From the bold sneakers to the beanie, everything worked perfectly.

#4. Chanyeol in October 2019

Another stylish beanie look was this one. He paired a simple black beanie with a formal jacket from Wooyoungmi and an Off-White portfolio.

#5. Chanyeol in December 2015

Chanyeol always looks gorgeous in a mustang jacket, and this one from Noir Larms was no exception. He wore his turtleneck up over his face to make the outfit even cooler.

#6. Chanyeol in April 2019

What could be better than head-to-toe Prada Chanyeol? The outfit was simple, but the blue crossbody bag really made him stand out.

#7. Chanyeol in April 2019

When you see Chanyeol in this oversized blue bear sweater, it’s impossible not to want to hug him tight.

#8. Chanyeol in October 2015

No one can resist Chanyeol in a suit. This one he wore to the airport several years ago is still unforgettable thanks to that bold shirt.

#9. Chanyeol in October 2014

Chanyeol has been serving at the airport since way back when. Almost 6 years ago, he had all eyes on his hat and jacket combo.

#10. Chanyeol in January 2020

Last but not least, the Nike neon green hoodie and Off-White check jacket Chanyeol wore this year were everything.