10+ Hilarious ARMY Reactions To BTS’s Iconic Comeback Announcement That Are Too Relatable

#10 will make you feel personally called out

BTS are officially making a comeback this year, and their announcement of it at the PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LAS VEGAS concert could not have been more iconic. At the end of their final stage of the four-day concert, BTS played a surprise teaser that turned out to be for a new album coming out on June 10, 2022. And it’s safe to say ARMYs are going through it! Here are 16 hilarious reactions to BTS’s iconic comeback announcement that are too relatable!


1. The kings are taking over

2. This goosebump-inducing moment

3. Our prayers have been answered

4. In that moment, this was all of us

5. Can’t stop imagining the possibilities…


7. Somehow we survived the drought

8. When the predictions finally nail it

9. They probably enjoyed that moment even more than ARMYs

10. You know, priorities

11. How are we supposed to keep calm and carry on when there’s so much happening?

12. Getting rap and R&B vibes from this…

13. BTS really makin’ us go through it

14. Screaming, crying

15. Gotta think about what’s important

16. But they really did that, though

Watch BTS’s teaser on the link below!