10+ ARMY Reactions To Season 2 Of BTS’s “In The SOOP” That Are Too Relatable

“This is the best thing ever!”

We’re finally getting a second season of BTS‘s In the SOOP!

BTS during the first season of In the Soop | @btschanels/Twitter

Understandably, ARMYs are thrilled by the news and are expecting the second season of In the SOOP to be just as full of fun as the first season was!

| BTS/Weverse

Here are 10+ of ARMY’s tweets about In the SOOP season 2 that are too relatable!

1. This ARMY who hopes this season uses the same theme song as season 1

2. This ARMY whose mood was instantly boosted by the news

3. This ARMY who is looking forward to a great October

4. This ARMY who can’t wait to see Suga show off how husband-material he is once again

5. This ARMY who misses seeing Jin’s hilarious In the SOOP morning routine

6. This ARMY who has connected the dots between one of RM’s tweets and the official season 2 announcement

7. This ARMY who knows In the SOOP is just as healing for fans as it is for BTS

8. This ARMY who doesn’t know if they’ll survive seeing buff BTS in season 2

9. This ARMY who’s proud of the fandom’s detective skills

10. This ARMY who is ready for comedian Jimin to return for season 2

11. This ARMY whose life just got a 1,000,000 times better

12. This ARMY who is eager to see the fierce ping pong competitions In the SOOP season 2 will bring