10 Top-Tier B-Side Songs That Deserve Their Moments As Comeback Title Tracks, According To Fans

Fans believe that these top tier B-sides deserve their own time in the spotlight, especially #5.

When groups make their exciting comebacks, fans look forward to their new songs tremendously, especially their title tracks! But some groups make such good B-sides, that fans believe those golden tracks deserve title track status of their own as well! Here are 10 B-sides that fans agree should have either been the title track of the album, or deserve an era and album of their own!

1. “Quiet Down”- NCT Dream

“Quiet Down” by NCT Dream is a B-side off of their latest album titled Reload. The title track promoted was “Ridin”, and while fans loved the song, they felt that “Quiet Down” is as much of a bop to pass off as an incredible title track!


2. “Labyrinth”- GFRIEND

“Labyrinth” is a track from GFRIEND‘s 2020 mini-album of the same name. The title track for this comeback was “Crossroads”, but fans seem to have fallen in love with “Labyrinth” more, as Reddit user @Chrissy2710 puts it;

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think “Labyrinth” would’ve better as a title track than “Crossroads” (GFriend). Usually, title tracks are supposed to reel you in, and give you a summary of what the album is going to be like, but I didn’t feel that with Crossroads.



3. “In & Out”- Red Velvet

“In & Out” is one of the tracks from Red Velvet‘s final album in the ReVe Festival series, The ReVe Festival: Finale. Fans believe that “In & Out” would have been a great title track to end the series, not because “Psycho” wasn’t a good track, but because it’s so good that it should have gotten a release separate from the Reve Festival series.

“In & Out” by Red Velvet. Not because “Psycho” isn’t title track-worthy, but because it was more suited for its own separate release apart from the ReVe Festival trilogy. “In & Out” fits the whimsical theme of the ReVe Festival more than “Psycho”.



4. “The Eve”- EXO

“The Eve” is a track from EXO‘s 2017 full album titled The War. The promotional title track for this comeback was “Ko Ko Bop”, and as much as fans loved the song, “The Eve” seems to hold a special place in EXO-L’s hearts! Even though “The Eve” was promoted as a B-side, it’s choreography has been hailed as top-tier by many, and ton of junior idols have performed covers of the iconic song as well!


5. “Love Foolish” / “Get Loud”- TWICE

“Love Foolish” and “Get Loud” are both tracks from TWICE‘s 2019 mini-album titled Feel Special. While fans love “Feel Special” and believe it as the perfect title track for the album, they’re just a tiny bit bitter about “Love Foolish” and “Get Loud” as being only B-sides, and believe the songs should be title tracks with eras of their own! This feeling is further driven home due to the songs being written by Momo and Jihyo respectively, and let’s be honest, they’re serious bops!


6. “Hero”- MONSTA X

“Hero” is a B-side from MONSTA X‘s 2015 album titled Rush. While the title track promoted was “Rush” fans believe “Hero” would have done amazingly as a title track, considering “Hero” has one of the highest amount of views for any of MONSTA X’s MVs!


7. “How You Doin”- EXID

“How You Doin” is a track from EXID‘s fifth mini-album titled WE. WE is the final album released by the group in 2019, before leaving Banana Culture Entertainment. The title track promoted was “Me & You”, but fans believe that “How You Doin” would have been a much better choice for the group in terms of the promotional single, as they believe it fit alongside EXID’s musical trajectory developed over the recent years.

EXID’s “How You Doin” instead of “Me & You”, always.

“How You Doin” is a more mature and natural evolution of the tone they set out for themselves starting from Full Moon; if Up & Down is a night at the club, “How You Doin” is a wedding reception. I don’t hate “Me & You” and actually listen to it way more than I initially thought I would, but everything from the final composition to the MV falls short of the musical trajectory they were on till that point.

Part of me forgives “Me & You” for being the way it is because it was purposefully experimental, but even their Japanese title tracks, “Trouble” and especially “Bad Girl For You”, are better experimental tracks that still travel the same path as songs like “How You Doin”, “DDD”, and “I Love You”

tl:dr Something about “Me & You” feels it took 1 step forward and 5 steps back. If there’s any reason I’m even a bit salty about “Me & You”, it’s because its status as title track means we’ll never get an MV for “How You Doin”.

– @nandaparbeats



8. “Page”- GOT7

“Page” is a track from GOT7‘s 2019 album titled Spinning Top: Between Security and Insecurity. The title track promoted was “Eclipse”, but fans believe “Page” would have made an amazing title track for this particular comeback instead.


9. “That’s A No No”- ITZY

“That’s A No No” is from ITZY‘s second mini-album titled It’z Me. The promotional track for this comeback was “Wannabe”, which was much loved for its self-love message and strong choreography, especially Ryujin‘s shoulder dance! But fans feel that while the track is a good one, “That’s A No No” would have been a great song to promote as well, and could have had an even more explosive choreography!

honestly, “That’s A No No” by ITZY should have been the title track for another comeback. It’s such a strong track that has the ability to have a fire dance

– @bands_onhigh



10. “I Like It”- CLC

“I like It” is a B-side from CLC‘s 2016 mini-album titled Free’sm. Prior to this album, CLC had made waves with their revamped concept and comeback with “Hobgoblin”, and fans were expecting the group to continue with this trajectory of concept and sound. Free’sm, however, proved to be a total contrast to “Hobgoblin”, and followed a calmer, more innocent concept comparatively. The title track promoted was “Where Are You”, but fans believe that “I Like It” should have been promoted as the title track instead.

Also, I LIKE IT should’ve been title track instead of Where are you. It’s one of CLC’s best songs.



Source: Reddit