10+ B-Side Tracks By K-Pop Artists That Are Also Deserving Title Tracks

They’re too good to just be b-side tracks!

B-side tracks are an opportunity for K-Pop artists to explore other genres and experiment on their music style. At the same time, this can also be a chance for them to grow as artists, and maybe even attract new fans!

While title tracks represent the album, and is chosen based on what the majority will like, albums are definitely not complete without the b-side tracks! B-side tracks contain as much messages as the title track does, and continues the story of the album. Sometimes, fans would think that certain b-side tracks are so good that they have the potential and the power to be labeled as a title track too!

Here are 10 b-side tracks by K-Pop artists that deserve to be title tracks as well!

1. Cosmic Girls’ “Full Moon”

“Full Moon” is part of Cosmic Girls‘ latest mini album As You Wish. The song incorporates EDM, and is very dynamic. It could’ve been a great title track because it shows a different side of the group, at the same time highlighting their rap and singing skills.

2. Stray Kids’ “Insomnia”

“Insomnia” is a b-side from I Am Who mini album. Although less crazy than how their title tracks usually sound, “Insomnia,” is definitely a song that also could’ve done well as a title track!

3. ASTRO’s “1 in a Million”

“1 in a Million” by ASTRO is from the group’s first full length album, All Light. The album contains multiple songs that are potential title tracks as well, and ASTRO definitely explored multiple music genres as heard in the album. “1 in a Million” in particular is one where ASTRO’s music colors is heard throughout the song, and at the same time is a song that anyone can like and enjoy!

4. NCT 127’s “Welcome to my Playground”

“Welcome to my Playground” is part of NCT 127‘s Regulate The First Repackage Album. The song is very fun and has a good mixture of rap and singing, making it a very dynamic song! It’s a song that can easily be liked by many!

5. BLACKPINK’s “Kick It”

BLACKPINK‘s “Kick It” is a song from the group’s KILL THIS LOVE albumThe song remains loyal to BLACKPINK’s style and is heavy in rap and very catchy! It’s another fun song that can potentially be a title track as it is also powerful despite sounding more toned down compared to their usual title tracks.

6. SEVENTEEN’s “Good To Me”

“Good To Me” is a song featured in SEVENTEEN‘s 6th Mini Album, You Made My Dawn. They show their maturity and growth in music as they slowly transition from “freshteen” to more mature concepts and sounds, at the same time making sure to retain that signature “SEVENTEEN” sound! This song is sexy and has various layers to it, definitely making it a potential title track.

7. Red Velvet’s “Jumpin'”

Red Velvet‘s “Jumpin'” was part of “The ReVe Festival Day 2” album. Red Velvet’s playful sound and powerful vocals are highlighted throughout the track and considering that they are a group who enjoys trying out new things and experimenting with music, this is definitely a potential title track too!

8. WEKI MEKI’s “Whatever U Want”

WEKI MEKI shows their powerful vocals and rap in “Whatever U Want” from their latest mini album WEEK END LOL. The song is a good kind of crazy, and has a mix of R&B and a bit of EDM which shows WEKI MEKI’s group’s sound well.


“LOVE FOOLISH” from TWICE‘s Feel Special album is perhaps one of the group’s best b-sides! The song has a mix of both retro and modern electronic sounds which come together perfectly especially with their vocals. There is also a lot of rap parts in the song which makes the composition more interesting.

10. EXO’s “Ooh La La La”

“Ooh La La La” is part of EXO‘s DON’T MESS UP MY TEMPO album. It’s another sexy song that has a mix of Latin music sounds and the boys’ soft vocals. It was a song that easily made its way to EXO fans’ hearts for its catchy melody and unique sound which EXO pulled off!

11. CHUNGHA’s “Chica”

“Chica” is the first song in CHUNGHA‘s Flourishing album. It’s a song about women empowerment which fits CHUNGHA’s vocals because they message is just as powerful as her vocals! With its strong beats, catchy melody, and easy-to-sing chorus, the song can definitely be a title track!

12. DAY6’s “Marathon”

“Marathon” is a track featured on their Remember Us: Youth Part 2 album. This earworm has a light and easygoing tune and is heavy on instruments. It’s a feel-good song that you can listen to when you’re happy or when you want to be happy!