10+ B-Sides By Underappreciated Boy Groups That You’ve Been Sleeping On

B-sides deserve love too!

Underappreciated groups are, well— underappreciated! Their views, sales, and overall recognition may not be at the top of the charts, but they persevere, giving their fans enormous talent and love despite their setbacks.

When people search for new groups to listen to, oftentimes, they will only see the title tracks and move on. STOP! There’s so much undiscovered talent that you’re abandoning! However, it can be hard keeping up with not only the vast amount of groups out there but all of their songs too. Fear not, we have created a list of B-sides where you can begin your journey. Enjoy!

P.S. This list is by no means a complete list of all the underappreciated B-sides you should listen to, but it does give you some insight into what these groups are offering!

1. OnlyOneOf’s “heartbreak terminal”

This B-side comes from their album line sun goodness, in which the title track is “sage.” “Heartbreak terminal” is, of course, about heartbreak between a boy and girl who have had many misunderstandings and wish to get back together. The song’s beat is both fun and solemn as the boys try to convince the girl to come back.

2. IMFACT’s “Woo”

This song comes from the group’s album Prism, in which the title track is “Feel So Good.” With its heavy bass and melodic vocals, this b-side has risen to be almost every IF’s favorite. In fact, it has even introduced many to the group. There’s almost no way you can sit still with this sensual but emotional song.

3. D-CRUNCH’s “Sand Castle”

This track is from D-CRUNCH’s album DAYDREAM, which had the title track “My Name.” This song truly has it all as it entices you with a slow and soft sound and later explodes into a refreshing beat of the boys belting their hearts out.

4. TO1 (formerly TOO)’s “Don’t Fear Now”

This B-side comes from the album Reason for Being: Benevolence which has the title track “Magnolia.” This song has an amazing way of making you feel on top of the world. No matter what you’re going through, you can make it, and you shouldn’t fear now.

5. CIX’s “What You Wanted”

This track is from their album Hello Chapter 1: Hello, Stranger, which has the title track “Movie Star.” This song is so powerful not only due to the lyrics but the intense beat and outstanding vocals. It has a dark sound with deep bass that gets more addicting the more you listen.

6. B.I.G’s “1.2.3”

This is from B.I.G’s album HELLO HELLO which had the title track “Hello Hello.” This song had more of a funky, cute vibe than most of the other songs on the list. It was also one of the rare b-sides to actually get a music video!

7. LUCY’s “Straight Line”

This b-side comes from their album PANORAMA, which had the title track “Jogging.” LUCY is one of those rare K-Pop groups that functions more like a band and plays their own instruments. What’s even more unique about them is that they have a violinist! “Straight Line” shows off their instrumental abilities perfectly while giving fans an amazingly bright Summer song.

8. ONEWE’s “Love Me”

“Love Me” comes from the album 2/4, which has the title track “Regulus.” ONEWE, like LUCY, is more of a band and plays their own instruments. As such, this song really shows off the sounds of the guitar and drums. It almost feels like a song you would find a busker singing or a live band at a café. It’s very comforting.

9. ONEUS’ “Red Thread”

This track comes from the album LIGHT US, which has the title track “Valkyrie.” This song beautifully tells the story of the “Red Thread of Fate.” This invisible thread was believed to be tied around the fingers of two people who were destined to be together. As such, it is an incredibly romantic song that will also break your heart into pieces.

10. SNUPER’s “My Girl’s Fox”

“My Girl’s Fox” is a b-side from the album I Wanna?, which had the title track “Back:Hug.” If it wasn’t clear by this song’s odd title, this track is nothing but adorable fun. It easily makes you want to get up, and dance and luckily, the official dance is so simple you can quickly learn it and join the boys!

11. 2Z’s “1822.”

“1822” comes from the album We TU:ZI, which has the title track “My 1st Hero.” 2Z, sometimes called TU:ZI, is, you guessed it, another band. K-Pop bands who played their own instruments were never really acknowledged before but are now getting a bit more popular. “1822” actually sounds quite a bit like many indie-rock English songs. Its addicting guitar and surprising rap blend into a perfect rock song.

12. ENOi’s “Not Sorry”

This b-side comes from ENOi’s album RED IN THE APPLE which has the title track “Cheeky.” “Not Sorry” has an exciting sound that almost fits in the electro genre but not quite. This song is insanely unique in both sound and lyrics, and RAYS are obsessed with it. Sadly, ENOi disbanded in January of this year.

13. DKB’s “No more”

“No more” comes from the album GROWTH, which had the title track “Work Hard.” This song has a sensual beat and powerful lyrics that truly embody the phrase “no more.” It’s so smooth and easy to listen to!