10+ B-Sides By Underappreciated Girl Groups That Are Total Hidden Gems

Let’s explore the world of b-sides!

Underappreciated groups are, well— underappreciated! Their views, sales, and overall recognition may not be at the top of the charts, but they persevere, giving their fans enormous talent and love despite their setbacks.

When people search for new groups to listen to, oftentimes, they will only see the title tracks and move on. STOP! There’s so much undiscovered talent that you’re abandoning! However, it can be hard keeping up with not only the vast amount of groups out there but all of their songs too. Fear not, we have created a list of girl group B-sides where you can begin your journey. Enjoy!

P.S. This list is by no means a complete list of all the underappreciated B-sides you should listen to, but it does give you some insight into what these groups are offering!


This song comes from NATURE’s album NATURE World: Code M, which has the title track “Girls.” This song serves as both an amazing Summer song and a great serious song. It truly gives off the vibe of driving cliffside to the beach with the top down.

2. Rocket Punch’s “Girl Friend”

This B-side comes from their album Red Punch which had the title track “Bouncy.” This song is about a girl who has been friendzoned and is trying to become the person’s girlfriend. It’s so catchy and definitely gives off the energy of a powerful, determined girl.

3. ELRIS’ “This Is Me”

“This Is Me” comes from the girls’ album JACKPOT, which had the title track “Jackpot.” This track has such a unique and fun sound that gets the party started. It’s so powerful both in the beat and the lyrics.

4. DIA’s “No”

This B-side comes from DIA’s album NEWTRO, which has the title track “WOOWA.” The album’s theme was retro, and although it’s subtle, this still has somewhat of a retro beat at parts. The chorus is guaranteed to get stuck in your head.

5. BVNDIT’s “Dramatic”

This song appears as a B-side on BVNDIT’s album Be!, which had the title track “Dumb.” As a fun fact, PENTAGON‘s Hui wrote this song! True to its name, it’s definitely a dramatic, catchy piece.

6. Cherry Bullet’s “Whatever”

This track appears on their album Cherry Rush which has the title track “Love So Sweet.” Keeping with the energy of the album, this is an extremely light and fun song. We can’t help but dance!

7. FAVORITE’s “Hush”

“Hush” is a song on FAVORITE’s album LOCA, which has the title track “Loca.” The flow and beat of this song are so fantastic while also being a little dark and girl-crush-esque.

8. GWSN’s “BLOOM (True Light)”

This song comes from GWSN’s album THE PARK IN THE NIGHT, part two, which had the title track “Pinky Star (RUN).” GWSN’s albums often have a nature theme somewhere, and this chorus perfectly depicts the fresh feel of being outside while being a serious topic.

9. LABOUM’s “Love Game”

“Love Game” appears as the B-side on the album Between Us, which had the title track “Between Us.” This song will give you whiplash in the best of ways. From the angelic vocals to the deep, bassy beat, to the hushed rap, it’s just perfect!

10. PURPLEBECK’s “Mare”

This track comes from PURPLEBECK’s album Starry Night which has the title track “VALENTi.” “Mare” actually takes a deep approach by referring to “nightmares.” The bass paired with the heavy lyrics is just so well thought out.

11. Playback’s “Untold Story”

This track shows up on the girls’ album Want You To Say, which had the title track “Want You To Say.” This song is just so refreshing and light; it will brighten your day! There has been no official disbandment; however, the group’s social media has been untouched for years, leading fans to believe they disbanded quietly.

12. woo!ah’s “Payday”

This track comes from woo!ah’s album EXCLAMATION which has the title track “woo!ah!” This is the perfect slower, comfortable, sweet song! Even though it’s a b-side, this has turned many people into Wows!

13. SATURDAY’s “Super Bad”

This song comes from SATURDAY’s album Follow SATURDAY, which had the title track “WiFi.” This b-side is so cute! It almost has a sort of retro 60s vibe… it feels like it belongs in the musical “Hairspray!”