10+ Badass Female Rap Songs You Need to Add to Your Workout Playlist

These fierce hip-hop tracks will make you feel pumped and empowered!

1. CHEETAH – “Bumpkins”

Cheetah rose to fame as the winner of Unpretty Rapstars first season and is currently signed with C9 Entertainment. “Bumpkins” seems to be dedicated to people who were born outside of Seoul, but it can be considered an anthem for anyone who has ever felt like an outsider. Cheetah, who is from Busan, uses the song to talk about the struggles she faced when she first started living in Seoul.


2. Fiestar‘s Yezi  – “Cider”

Yezi debuted as a member Fiestar and was a semi-finalist on Unpretty Rapstar 2. “Cider”, her solo debut, expresses her desire to break out of the typical female idol mold. Both the lyrics and the music video show how Yezi feels about anyone who tries to control her image and behavior.



Miso is the maknae of the girl group GIRLS GIRLS. She made her solo debut on April 10, 2017 with the single “KKPP”, a track that encourages listeners to break free of their inhibitions and party hard!


4.  Brown Eyed Girls‘ Miryo Giant Pink  – “Rock-Scissors-Paper”

During a rap battle, anyone would be blessed to have this duo on their side! Miryo is the rapper of girl group Brown Eyed Girls. She debuted as a soloist in 2012, after appearing as a producer in Show Me the Money season one. Giant Pink is the winner of Unpretty Rapstar 3. Both rappers are also a part of the hip-hop crew All I Know, and “Rock-Paper-Scissors” is their very first collaboration. The track shows off Miryo’s ferocity and Giant Pink’s power.


5. Lee Michelle – “Queenz”

If any rapper on this list deserves more love, it’s Lee Michelle. In 2016, the former SuPearls member blew the Tribe of Hip-Hop judges away with her speed and precision while performing “Queez”.


6. AOA‘s Jimin – “Hey”

This AOA member and Unpretty Rapstart semi-finalist may look cute on the outside, but she is pure fire on the inside! In the music video for “Hey”, Jimin unleashes her inner bad girl by melding spit-fire verses with sexy imagery.


7. Flowsik Jessi – “Wet”

Flowsik and Jessi are both Korean-American rappers. Flowsik appeared on Show Me the Money 5 and helped BTS to write the lyrics for “MIC Drop”. Jessi was the first runner-up in season one of Unpretty Rapstar, and has never been one to conform. Together, the two rappers have combined their rebel energies to produce the NSFW collaboration, “Wet”.


8. KittiB (feat. Verbal Jint) – “Doin’ Good”

KittiB was the first runner-up on Unpretty Rapstar 2. In this deeply personal track, KittiB raps about a man who once made her feel worthless, how she overcame the damage he did to her, and how she came out on top. Now, she is “Doin’ Good”.


9. Clover‘s Gilme – “Success”

Gilme was a contestant on Unpretty Rapstar 2. In the lyrics for “Success”, Gilme talks about her growth as an artist.


10. CL  “Hello Bitches”

The “Baddest Female” has been slaying hard since her 2NE1 days. CL made her American debut with this aggressive hip-hop track, “Hello Bitches”.


11. HyunA  – “Cause I’m God Girl”

HyunA rose to fame in the late 2000s as a member of Wonder Girls but has since gone on to have a successful solo career. HyunA refers to herself not as a queen, but as a goddess in “Cause I’m God Girl”.