10 Beautiful K-Pop Fandom Names And The Meanings Behind It

These words turned fandom names mean more to fans now!

K-Pop groups have given their fans respective names that have both unique and touching meanings behind them. Members of the K-Pop groups use this fandom name to address their fans and call them in a loving and sweet way.

Here are 10 beautiful K-Pop fandom names and the meanings behind each one:

1. EXO’s EXO-L

The “L” in EXO-L stands for “love” which means that EXO will love their fans forever.


TWICE named their fans “ONCE” because if fans love the group once, the girls will repay them with their love “TWICE!”

3. Red Velvet’s Reveluv

Reveluv is a cute fandom name that resulted from combining the words “Red,” “Velvet,” and “Love.” Another meaning behind the name Reveluv is that “Reve” means “dream” in French, giving it a meaning of fans helped make their dreams come true.

4. VIXX’s Starlight

VIXX named their fans “Starlight” because their fans are like shining stars to them.

5. MONSTA X’s Monbebe

Monbebe is another unique fandom name The word “Mon” means “my” and “Bebe” means “Baby.” Add the two words and you form MONSTA X’s fandom name, meaning that their fans are their babies.


Following SEVENTEEN’s diamond concept, they call their fandom as “CARATs,” with the meaning that their fans are who make SEVENTEEN, the diamonds, shine.

7. GOT7’s iGOT7

Because 7 is a lucky number, “iGOT7” means that if you are a fun of GOT7 you are lucky. “iGOT7” sounds like the word “ahgase” in Korean which means baby bird, explaining why their lightstick is a bird.


Because the boys of BTS are bulletproof boy scouts, being an ARMY means that you will stand with BTS and support one another.

9. PENTAGON’s Universe

A fandom name that holds the meaning that they will be PENTAGON‘s universe.

10. BIGBANG’s V.I.P.

An acronym which stands for “Very Important Person,” V.I.P.’s sure are important to BIGBANG.

Source: SBS