10 Of The Most Beautiful Lightsticks Of K-Pop Groups

They look as beautiful as the idols do!

One of the things every K-Pop fan must have or dreams of having is their favorite group’s lightstick. Lightsticks are a part of K-Pop fan culture, where each K-Pop group have their own unique design and cute names that compliment their group’s image and reflect the group’s official colors.

Here are 10 of some of the most beautiful lightsticks that K-Pop groups have released.

1. TWICE’s Candy Bong Z

The Candy Bong got its major upgrade and looked darker than it’s previous version, however looking better than ever! It also compliments TWICE‘s transition from having a more cutesy image to a more mature one.

2. SEVENTEEN’s Newrat Bong (Carat Bong Ver. 2)

When everyone thought the Carat Bong couldn’t be any more prettier than it’s previous version, SEVENTEEN came out with a second version of their lightstick and went beyond everyone’s expectations. with an upgraded and shinier version of the Carat Bong.

3. EXO’s Eribong Ver. 3

Simplicity is key! And EXO‘s lightstick proves just that with a clean, simple, and sleek appearance, while still retaining the signature “EXO” design.

4. BLACKPINK’s Hammer Bong

BLACKPINK‘s hammer bong is perhaps one of the cutest lightsticks out there! With pink lights and a squeaky toy hammer sound feature, the lightstick includes a feature that not many have put out!

5. Cosmic Girls’s Wujujung Bong

The Cosmic Girls sure did it right with how their universe concept is reflected in the group’s lightstick!

6. BTS’s Army Bomb Ver. 3

Retaining the signature “bomb” design of the lightstick’s previous version, the Army Bomb has still managed to be upgraded with a seat synchronization feature!

7. MONSTA X’s Mondoongie Ver. 2

The Mondoongie lightstick also retained it’s signature style, with the colors tuned down for this version. Even so, it looks as elegant and beautiful as its previous version!

8. CHUNGHA’s Lightstick

CHUNGHA recently released her official lightstick and has received lots of love since then!

9. GFRIEND’s Bamhaneul (Night Sky) Bong Ver. 2

10. iKON’s Konbat