10+ Of The Best ARMY Reactions to BTS’s “Mic Drop” Hitting 1 Billion Views (Featuring Steve Aoki)

“BTS’s ‘Mic Drop’ lives in my mind RENT-FREE.”

With the official announcement of BTS‘s “Mic Drop” finally passing one billion views on YouTube, they have become one of only three groups in the entire world to have four music videos reach such a milestone. Therefore, it’s only natural that ARMYs are absolutely freaking out over BTS’s incredible accomplishment!

So, let’s take a look at some of the best ARMY reactions to “Mic Drop” hitting one billion views:

1. These ARMYs reminisced about some of the most ICONIC “Mic Drop” looks!

2. And this ARMY is wondering where *that* VMIN selfie went after four years!

3. These ARMYs Had Gotten Into BTS Because Of “Mic Drop”!

4. And this ARMY was happy to add it to their ever-growing list of BTS’s BILLION view videos!

5. This ARMY brought back the cutest cover of “Mic Drop” ever!

6. And these ARMYs think that BTS’s haters are probably feeling “hella sick” right now!

7. This ARMY is already planning ahead for the future!

8. And this ARMY shared their amazing fan art for the occasion!

9. This ARMY reminded everyone of BTS and Steve Aoki’s close bond…

10. And Steve Aoki himself surprised everyone with his own BTS megamix to celebrate the success of their collaboration!

What do you think about “Mic Drop” hitting one billion views?