Korean Media Outlet Chose The 10 Best Boy Groups Of All Time, And Here Are Their Picks

They’re all iconic groups!

Although the newest batch of 4th generation boy groups has been gaining attention for their talent, it all started long before many current idols were born. From the start of K-Pop, male idol groups have gained popularity worldwide and helped propel the industry globally.

On September 7, South Korean media outlet Yonhap News released a list of top 10 boy groups of all time on their YouTube channel Korea Now. Here is a look at their picks!


For many K-Pop fans, SEVENTEEN continues to be one of the most underrated groups in K-Pop. With a huge number of members, each can shine through the group and different subunits. It also showcases just how diverse they all are, with many involved in the writing, creating, and choreography stages of tracks.

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After a grueling journey through a reality show, MONSTA X was finally able to debut in 2015 and quickly gained love from fans worldwide. With their distinct personalities, unique visuals, and diverse music, they are able to connect with fans through their material and schedules to gain love worldwide.

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8. NCT

With 23 members, and an endless number of subunits, NCT has definitely cemented themselves as one of unique in K-Pop. The members come from across the world. Along with their charming personalities and catchy music, it has helped to spread their popularity globally.

7. 2PM

In 2008, JYP Entertainment unveiled their newest boy group in the form of 2PM. Since then, fans worldwide have been addicted to the catchy songs from the group, including their classic track, “My House.” With visuals that seem to age like fine wine, the group has shown no signs of slowing down, and especially now, they’re all out of the army.

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6. TVXQ!

As the oldest group on this list, TVXQ has been through a lot since debuting in 2003. Catching the attention of fans for the member’s youthful visuals, they rose to fame in 2008 after the release of their track “Mirotic.” Despite many issues over the years, the remaining members Yunho and Changmin, are still loved by fans.

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5. SHINee

Even in 2021, SHINee is still going strong as a group, and, for many fans, they are the entry point into K-Pop. From the moment they debuted, the members all caught the attention of fans for their visuals, talent, and charisma. Even through some very hard times, the group showcased their brotherhood and allowed fans into their lives.

4. Super Junior

Although the group has been through so much since its debut, Super Junior is still as strong as ever. With the members all shining in their solo activities to help the group grow, they continue to release songs that appeal to a wide audience. Recently, they gained praise for their track “House Party,” which looked at the COVID-19 pandemic.

| SM Entertainment

3. EXO

SM Entertainment had a legacy of producing top-quality boy bands, and EXO was no different. With members showcasing different visuals, talents, and personalities, it was a group for everyone. Even with members currently serving in the army, the group continues to gain love and are the standard-bearers of K-Pop.

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In 2006, YG Entertainment introduced BIGBANG to the world, and nothing has been the same since. Coming into the industry with their R&B-themed music caught the attention of fans worldwide, and their songs continue to be anthems even today and know by fans of all ages!

| YG Entertainment

1. BTS

As expected, the artist that came in at number one was BTS! Since debuting in 2013, the group has just gone from strength to strength, dominating the charts in Korea and globally. Along with their stunning visuals, the members are extremely talented and use their songs to promote a positive message to fans.

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Source: Korea Now