The 10 Best All-English K-Pop Songs According To Reddit Users

BTS’s song probably isn’t the one you expect.

In a recent post to the popular K-pop subreddit, Reddit users discussed the best English releases from different K-Pop artists.

Here are 10 of the most popular:

1. MONSTA X’s “Middle Of The Night”

Known for always having excellent English releases, there was no question that MONSTA X was going to make their way onto this list. “Middle of the Night” was released two years ago and currently has over sixteen million views on YouTube. Featuring the members’ dulcet voices and catchy lyrics, this song is the perfect addition to any playlist.

2. Dreamcatcher’s “Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind”

“Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind” was released in August 2020. The song is filled with the members’ lovely voices accompanied by an addictive melody and an upbeat beat drop.

3. LOONA’s “Star”

A track that starts with a haunting snapping noise that repeats throughout the track, “Star” is filled with LOONA‘s lovely, iconic voices and stunning choreography. Released in November of 2020, the official music video currently has almost sixteen million views.

4. Eric Nam’s “I Don’t Know You Anymore”

Released in October of 2021, Eric Nam‘s “I Don’t Know You Anymore” went viral on TikTok with his “IDKYA” trend. And it isn’t hard to see why, with catchy lyrics and his incredibly soothing voice. As of now, the official music video has almost two million views.

5. NCT 127’s “Highway To Heaven”

Released three years ago, the official music video currently has over forty-two million views. “Highway To Heaven” is the perfect karaoke song with an upbeat track, repetitive lyrics, and NCT 127‘s stellar vocals.

6. D.O.’s “Rose”

The English version of D.O.‘s beautiful release from his debut mini-album absolutely deserves to be on this list. His English pronunciation is so natural it would be easy to believe D.O. is a native English speaker. With his captivating voice and the addictive chorus, this song is guaranteed to get stuck in your head.

7. ATEEZ’s “One Day At A Time”

ATEEZ‘s “One Day At A Time” is an absolute gift, meant to encourage ATINY who are struggling. The lyrics of the song are filled with supportive messages, “You’ll be alright, just take it slow, one day at a time.” And with this release being in English, it is especially meaningful to international English-speaking fans.

8. Steve Aoki featuring BTS’s “Waste It On Me”

Although BTS‘s recent English releases have brought the group immense international success and definitely could all be included in this list, “Waste It On Me” was an addictive song that everyone had on repeat when it came out in 2018. The track is filled with incredible harmonies between members Jungkook and R.M and has an addictive melody that easily has you singing along. The official music video has over fifty million views, even without any of the BTS members making appearances.

9. BOA’s “Eat You Up”

Released twelve years ago, “Eat You Up” has always held its place as a certified bop. BOA‘s iconic song features a catchy chorus, incredible choreography, and of course, the soloist’s powerful vocals. As of now, the official music video has over four million views.

10. TWICE’s “The Feels”

Of course, one of the most iconic songs from 2021 had to make its appearance on this list. As always, TWICE‘s song has memorable choreography and upbeat lyrics that it’s hard not to sing along. Released in September of 2021, the official music video currently has almost two hundred million views.

What other English releases would you add?

Source: @JessSprite