10 Best Episodes Of “Korean Englishman” Showing Celebrities Captivated By Korean Food

Two celebrities couldn’t take the spiciness of one popular dish.

In its nine years as a Korean food ambassador,  the YouTube channel Korean Englishman has gained a steady following of 5.36 million followers, garnered through highly-engaging episodes, a portion of which are episodes with celebrities as guests.

Here are the ten best celebrity episodes of Korean Englishman, showing famous personalities falling in love with Korean food, with all episodes getting millions of views.

1. David Beckham

David Beckham is no stranger to Korean food, having traveled to Korea several times. Through this episode, David shared that he is a fan of spicy food and thus is a perfect fit for Korea’s spicier food choices.

Korean Englishman host Josh Darrell Carat introduced him to Soybean Jjigae, a Korean soup made with soybean, meat, and a bit of spice for a kick in the taste. David loved it and even asked for a second helping. The episode garnered 16.75 million views.

| Korean Englishman

2.  Will Smith

Will Smith appeared on Korean Englishman as part of his promotions for the movie Gemini Man in 2019. This was an episode where Josh introduced Will to typical Korean beauty regimens, with Will reacting hilariously to the gadget and mask that Josh demonstrated how to use.

Though Will was reluctant to try any of the products on cam, Josh piqued his interest enough for Will to ask that the products be sent to him so he could try them privately. The episode garnered 3.75 million views.

| Korean Englishman

3. Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth had never been to Korea before their episode. He shared with Josh that he was also fond of spicy food and was introduced to various Korean snacks and drinks. Chris enjoyed drinking sikhye; a traditional rice beverage commonly served in Korean saunas. Chris also liked the Chal-ddeok chocopie, a chocolate pie with sticky rice inside. This episode amassed 8.3 million views.

| Korean Englishman

4. Ryan Reynolds

As part of his promotion for Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds appeared in Korean Englishman while on his first trip to Korea. Ryan was introduced to different versions of Korean pancakes; Buchojeon, Kimchi pancake, and Haemul Pajeon (seafood spring onion pancake). Of the three, Ryan favored Haemul Pajeon because he loved anything spicy with seafood. He also raved over the makgeolli, a milky Korean alcoholic beverage that was slightly sweet, tangy, and bitter.

| Korean Englishman

On a side note, Ryan was very nice and friendly to Imo (aunt in Korean), who cooked their food. He took time to shake her hand and thank her at the end of the shoot for preparing their meal.

| Korean Englishman and friendly to Imo

This episode accumulated 13.5 million views.

5. The “Avengers: Infinity Wars” cast

Tom Holland, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, and Pom Klementieff, the cast of Avengers: Infinity Wars, were introduced to Kimbap (also romanized as Gimbap), a Korean dish made from rice, vegetables, meat, or fish wrapped in seaweed, Milkis (milk soda) and Banana Milk. Tom Holland was especially enamored with Kimbap and banana milk, even joking about canceling his lunch order to eat more of the Kimbap. This episode garnered 27.1 million views.

| Korean Englishman

6. Maze Runner Cast

Dylan O’Brien, Ki Hong Lee, and Thomas Brodie-Sangster were promoting Maze Runner when they tried Korean Barbecue with soju and beer for breakfast! They also got to try Kimchi jjigae and Dwaenjang jjigae, Korean stew dishes made with Kimchi and soybean paste, respectively.

The boys enjoyed the meal, especially the jjigae, which Ki Hong complimented to be of excellent quality. This episode garnered 9.66 million views.

| Korean Englishman   

7. Kingsman Actors Taron Egerton and Mark Strong

The actors of Kingsman: The Golden Circle were pleasantly surprised to be presented with three different kinds of Korean fried chicken; yangneom banban (half and half), boneless fried chicken with rice on the breading, and spicy boneless chicken.

Of the three variants, both Taron and Mark favored the spicy chicken, the third flavor they tried. This episode had 14.68 million views.

| Korean Englishman

8. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton of the movie Terminator: Dark Fate had the opportunity to try healthy dishes of Korean cuisine, keeping with Arnold’s advocacy of promoting a healthy balanced diet. Arnold liked the Dolsot Bibimpap (Hotstone mixed rice). Linda liked the Samgyetang (chicken stuffed with rice). This episode amassed 7.85 million views.

| Korean Englishman

9. Marvel’s Ironfist Cast

Tom Pelphrey, Finn Jones, and Jessica Stroup of the movie Ironfist had the opportunity to try Korean pig’s feet, a spicy version of the same dish, and fist rice, little rice balls they form with their gloved hands, usually eaten after taking in a spicy dish. They all enjoyed the meal, including the makgeolli served as drink. This episode had 5.7 million views.

| Korean Englishman 

10. Marvel Stars Mike Colter and Elodie Yung

Mike Colter, who played Luke Cage in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Elodie Yung, who played Elektra in Netflix’s Daredevil, liked the Kimchi Fried Rice, Jeyuk Deopbap (spicy pork fried rice, and Joomeokbap (rice balls). But both drew the line with Fire Chicken Noodles, saying it was too spicy for them. This episode garnered 4.4 million views.

| Korean Englishman