10 Of The Best Fanart Celebrating BTS’s Collaboration With McDonald’s

ARMY is so talented, we’re making beautiful artwork for a McDonald’s meal.

Fanart comes in all shapes and forms… but did you expect fanart for BTS‘s collaboration with McDonald’s? You should have! ARMY is full of extremely talented people, and many of them love to support the boys by putting out fanart every chance they get.

These 10 pieces of fanart are absolutely stunning! Not only does it show the sheer talent the fans have, but it also shows just how excited we are for this collaboration!

1. An accurate representation of BTS visiting McDonald’s.

2. This needs to be on TV…


Idk why I did this but hey! it was fun! Can’t wait for the @mcdonalds x @bts_official_bighit collab hehe #BTS #Bangtan #Army #mcdonalds

♬ Dynamite McDonalds – Puik

3. We need this framed.

4. Upset your country didn’t get cute packaging? This ARMY took it into their own hands!

5. Little did we know, BTS was making the meals the whole time!

6. Who said your happy meal couldn’t be chibi?

7. Caught Jin off-guard enjoying the BTS set!

8. This fan wanted a TinyTan Happy Meal, so we got a TinyTan Happy Meal!

| @7Gbangtan/Reddit

9. Not your average McNugget…

| The Late Late Show With James Corden

10. Why isn’t this in a museum? We need answers.