Here Are 10+ Of The Best And Funniest Fan Reactions To EXO Kai’s First Solo Concert

He absolutely nailed it.

EXO‘s Kai held his first solo concert on December 12—and it was truly memorable. Many fans have said that they were able to really appreciate Kai’s artistry and that they came out feeling extremely proud of him. And of course, they also came out wanting more.

Here is some of what the fans had to say about Kai streaming on Instagram during his first concert, about his sexy performances, and about how no one quite does it like him. Enjoy!

1. He shared with everyone

2. We were blessed with this genre of Kai…

3. “Good lawd”

4. He is killing us

5. Showing off his superpowers

6. He had EXO-Ls with him!

7. Actually, we were robbed

8. Umm…sir?

9. That is a thing that happened

10. It’s not about the money for Kai

11. He did that

12. The artist that he is

To sum it all up, we need another Kai concert stat.