10 Of The Best K-Pop Covers By Bongo Cat (Seriously!)

You don’t know the pure joy of Bongo Cat covering K-Pop songs until you experience it yourself.

In 2018, the Bongo Cat meme exploded onto the scene when a Twitter user shared an animated gif of a cat smacking a table that was edited to include music from the Super Mario World Soundtrack. Since then, Bongo Cat’s popularity has managed to not only maintain itself but grow as well!

Source: Jack-Debris/Pixilart.com

Bongo Cat has covered a wide variety of songs, from video game medleys to top pop hits, so it almost goes without saying that there K-Pop covers in existence as well! YouTube channel Beebo has uploaded some of the best, highest quality videos of Bongo Cat covering popular K-Pop songs.

1. “Zimzalabim” – Red Velvet

2. “Kill This Love” – BLACKPINK

3. “Chicken Noodle Soup” – J-HOPE

4. “YES or YES” – TWICE

5. “Boy With Luv” – BTS


7. “Feel Special” – TWICE

8. “Bon Bon Chocolat” – EVERGLOW

9. “Fake Love” – BTS

10. “As If It’s Your Last” – BLACKPINK

Be sure to check out Beebo’s YouTube channel if you enjoyed these covers! 🥁