These Are 10+ Of The Best Male K-Pop Rappers, Determined By Fans

There are so many talented rappers in K-Pop these days, how can you narrow it down?

There seem to be more boy groups in K-Pop than ever these days, with groups from both big and small companies finding a lot of success in the industry. Fans all have their own favorites, of course, but there are some idols that tend to stand out more than others, including rappers! Recently on Reddit, K-Pop fans discussed which male K-Pop idols they think are currently the best in the genre. Of course, this list is entirely subjective and non-exhaustive, but there was definitely some agreement about these 10 talented rappers!

1. Taeyong (NCT)

“I love Taeyong’s style and flair, he is instantly recognizable anytime he opens his mouth. I also love his lyrics and the art/culture references he makes, as well as the kinky innuendos.” — u/Bbhjjh05


“Between T.O.P and Yoongi. There’s always those rappers in the group where their rapping is what you’re looking forward to hear. Whether it occupies 1/4 of the song or even just 10 seconds. Those 2 knows how to make the most of the lines they’re given well, and even memorable lines at times.” — u/e_abes

“TOP is also number one for me. I fell out of my chair watching the doom dada MV for the first time.” — u/eerunnings

3. RM (BTS)

“Honestly all of BTS’ rap line, but my favorite is definitely Namjoon aka RM. His mixtapes are incredibly impressive to me (RM and mono), and I love his lyricism. His wordplay just makes me drop my jaw in awe. His style is definitely my fav of all the BTS rappers. I love his sung-style rap too!” — u/elfseok

“RM (BTS) he’s got great wordplay and an old school flavor to his tone but its always evolving. A great producer as well. More recently with mono. you can see the variety in him which is key in an artists career, not just your run-of-the-mill rapper but a “Conscious Rapper.” So deep you have to take a second long listen to understand and appreciate that he’s giving you what you needed and not what you wanted.” — u/SomniWatch

4. Hanse (VICTON)

“I’m not a fan of the group but, I’ve seen several of his videos with the group or cover in solo. He has a good sauvage flow but also emotional. It can rap quickly with a good Pronunciation but not too much to do. He’s also very charismatic, He’s a good lyricist. I even think he’d have a place in show me the money.”  u/Importance_Sea

“i agree with you about victon’s hanse. hanse has a vocal tone when he raps that’s just so fun to listen to in its diversity and how his tone adjusts just slightly to fit the style of each of victon’s songs. hanse has impressed me from the beginning im very happy victon is becoming more noticed and his talent is being recognized. :)” — u/cajean

5. Han & Changbin (Stray Kids)

“Han and Changbin from Stray Kids. I mean, they manage to spit more bars in one song than the entirety of some groups’ “rap lines” in one track.” — u/WhiteNorthBlackCraft

“I would also like to nominate SKZ Changbin and Han! Not only do they have ridiculous ability in rapping but they also produce SKZ’s music (along with Chan) and have amazing vocals (they both performed on Masked Singer).” — u/Anzalia

6. J-Hope (BTS)

“I have a hard time choosing between the BTS rapline, but since the other two were already mentioned, I’m going to go with Hobi. I find his rapstyle to be so unique. It’s this amazing rap-sing style he has that makes his songs so dance worthy and often just plain fun*. He has a great ear for catchy tunes and fitting his flow around the music in a way that’s very different from Suga and RM. Hope World is fantastic and so essentially Hobi you couldn’t mistake it for anyone else’s mixtape. I remember during Bangbangcon when they played all the old BTS concerts, every single verse of Hobi’s people went “that’s the best one!” And everybody was right. His verses stand out in the best way.” — u/Fifeandthedrums

7. Sunwoo (The Boyz)

“i don’t think it’s been said yet, but for me it’s sunwoo from the boyz! his flow is really really nice – in addition to that, he has a good vocal tone as well when singing, and that makes for really good sing-rap.” — u/sahyy

8. Mark (NCT)

“I love Mark Lee’s style.” — u/challengefanatic

“Mark Lee has my fav tone and flow even if I don’t listen to 127 much.” — u/sufjanyorke

9. Suga (BTS)

“Ever since AgustD, it’s been Yoongi from BTS. In the past I struggled with depression, ocd, social anxiety disorder (among other things) and I couldn’t believe he rapped about it, was so open about it.” — u/gemitry

“I don’t think his whole potential comes through in the group (duh, because 7 members and one song). More so in rapline songs, but his solo work is just something else. A completely different person both as an artist and as Yoongi. The first time I found out about his solo stuff, I couldn’t believe this is the same dude that raps in the group.” — u/AnythingNew1

10. Woojin (AB6IX)

“Park Woojin from AB6IX. I’ve been a fan since Produce 101, he also has a great flow and presence, as well as being an all-rounder artist.” — u/Bbhjjh05

“+1 on Woojin. I didn’t follow Produce or W1 (by pure coincidence, I took a break from kpop for basically W1’s entire contract duration) so I only took notice of him since AB6IX’s debut, but he always impresses me in their songs.” — u/kittymmeow

Source: Reddit