10 Of BLACKPINK Rosé’s Gorgeous Mirror Selfies Where She Looks Like A Whole Queen

Her visuals in mirror selfies are so pretty!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is gorgeous, and one of the things that keep bringing people back to her Instagram feed is her beautiful mirror selfies she continues to grace us with! Here are 10 of her best mirror selfies that prove she’s a whole visual queen!

1. Rosé is a whole queen in this selfie!


2. She looks so cute with that headband!


3. Classic Rosé content!


4. Her proportions in this mirror selfie are unreal!


5. Comfy Rosé in her element is everything!


6. Queen looks good, and she knows it!


7. Red-haired Rosé was such a visual serve!


8. But Blondsé is a visual queen, too!


9. She looks so cute in this selfie!


10. Her visuals in this selfie are unreal!