10+ Bops Released In 2017 That Have Fans Convinced It Was The Best Year For K-Pop

These songs have fans convinced that 2017 was the superior year for K-Pop!

With each year that passes, K-Pop groups continue to deliver bop after bop! In 2017, some of K-Pop’s most iconic songs were released, which has led lots of fans to believe that 2017 just might have been the best year for iconic bops! Here are 10+ songs released in 2017 that have convinced fans that it was a superior year for K-Pop!

1. “Red Flavor”- Red Velvet

| SM Entertainment

Most fans agree that “Red Flavor” by Red Velvet is one of 2017’s top songs! The song was the group’s first summer comeback, and suffice to say, Red Velvet smashed it out of the park with this one!


2. “Really Really”- WINNER

| YG Entertainment

“Really Really” is one of the title tracks from WINNER‘s first album as a 4-member group, titled Fate Number Four. Upon its release, “Really Really” immediately soared to number 1 on charts, and was a much-loved song from 2017!


3. “Yesterday”- Block B

| Seven Seasons

“Yesterday” is a single released by Block B in 2017, and marked their first comeback of the year. Composed by member Park Kyung, the song achieved an all-kill and catapulted to the tops of multiple charts upon its release!


4. “As If It’s Your Last”- BLACKPINK

| YG Entertainment

“As If It’s Your Last” is BLACKPINK‘s fifth single, and was released in 2017. Featuring a markedly different sound than their previous releases, the song was an instant hit with fans! It broke tons of records that year, including the record for the most liked and most viewed MV within 24 hours of its release!


5. “Gashina”- Sunmi

| Makeus Entertainment

“Gashina” is Sunmi‘s first comeback title track after leaving JYP Entertainment and joining her new agency, Makeus Entertainment as a solo artist. The song was one of the best-selling songs of the year, and was widely covered by artists everywhere!


6. “Energetic”- Wanna One

After the successful ending of Produce 101 Season 2 and the formation of Wanna One, fans everywhere were extremely hyped for the group’s debut! So when Wanna One finally debuted with the song “Energetic”, it immediately topped multiple charts, and was loved for its incredibly catchy tune and amazing choreography!


7. “DNA”- BTS

“DNA” was released as the title track of BTS‘s fifth mini-album Love Yourself: Her, and totally blew up among fans and netizens! It did phenomenally on charts, and snagged multiple awards at the year-end ceremonies in 2017!


8. “Ko Ko Bop” -EXO

| SM Entertainment

“Ko Ko Bop” was released as the title track of EXO‘s 2017 album titled The War. The song swept the charts in 2017, landing atop iTunes charts of multiple countries, and also spawned the viral #KoKoBopChallenge that year!


9. “My First And Last”- NCT Dream

| SM Entertainment

“My First And Last” was NCT Dream‘s first comeback as a group in 2017, and was the title track from their single album titled The First. With its fun, light melody, and intricate choreography, the song was a huge hit in Korea, and also gave NCT it’s first-ever music show win!


10. “Shangri-La”- VIXX

| Jellyfish Entertainment

“Shangri-La” by VIXX is a 2017 title track of a single album of the same name. The song did well on charts, and was especially noted for its exceptional aesthetics with regards to stage costumes, stage designs, the MV, etc.!


11. “Spring Day”- BTS

| Big Hit Entertainment

BTS’s “Spring Day” was released in February of 2017 as the title track of their repackaged album titled You Never Walk Alone. The song became one of the best-selling songs of 2017, and even snagged the “Song Of The Year” at the Melon Music Awards that year!


12. “Move”- SHINee’s Taemin

| SM Entertainment

SHINee‘s Taemin released “Move” as the title track of his 2017 album of the same name, and the song has steadfastly remained one of the most iconic songs of the generation! Noted for its smooth melody and its simple, yet intricate choreography, “Move” is highly regarded as a superior song, and covered by tons of idols, even today!


13. “Palette”- IU

| LOEN Entertainment

“Palette” by IU was released as the title track to her fourth full album of the same name. The song featured BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon, and topped various music charts upon its release, becoming the 16th number 1 single of IU’s career! Not only was the song a loved one, but the MV for the track also became the most-viewed MV by a female soloist of the year of 2017, proving how iconic the track is to K-Pop!


14. “Missing You”- BTOB

| CUBE Entertainment

“Missing You” is the title track of BTOB‘s 2017 album titled Brother Act. The song was written and composed by member Hyunsik, and upon its release, topped various music charts in Korea, and is a truly legendary song!


15. “Peek-A-Boo”- Red Velvet

“Peek-A-Boo” was released as the title track of Red Velvet’s second full album titled Perfect Velvet in 2017. The song was regarded as one of the group’s biggest “velvet” side successes, and established their growth as artists in the eys of the public upon its release!


16. “Likey”- TWICE

| JYP Entertainment

“Likey” is the title track of TWICE‘s first full-length album titled Twicetagram, and did extremely well on charts! The song was also noted for how catchy it was, and fans especially loved how well the dance break in the choreography capitalized on TWICE’s amazing dancing skills!

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