10+ BTS Jin and Jungkook Interactions That Prove They Are Typical Siblings

They really have the typical oldest-youngest sibling relationship.

Jin is the oldest member of BTS, and Jungkook the youngest, although it might be hard to tell by their actions and looks, since they act the same age most of the time! But they have a typical relationship between older and youngest sibling – they tease each other, fight and bicker, but also take care of each other and show their love for each other. Check out some of their hilarious and touching interactions below.


1. When Jin had control over Jungkook


2. When Jin went fishing in Jungkook’s mouth


3. When Jin immediately defended against Jungkook’s touch


4. When Jungkook answered for Jin, and it was a complete joke


5. When Jin exposed how much he’s beat up by his youngers


6. When Jin and Jungkook did this at a fan meet


7. When Jungkook started playing with Jin’s hair mid-interview


8. When they bickered so much Jimin couldn’t handle it


9. When they fought over the snacks


10. When they argued about who raised who


11. When Jungkook fed Jin like a mother hen


12. When Jin patted Jungkook like a baby


13. When they hugged like true brothers