10 Of BTS Jungkook’s Habits That Just Proves He’s Our Golden Maknae

How can you not love this cute bunny?

We all know just how lovable our little bunny BTS‘s Jungkook can be. His little habits just prove how much more of a maknae he really is in the group.

Let’s take a look at some of his well-known habits.

1. Getting close to the camera

He loves to get up close and personal with the camera at all times!

2. Head tilts

He has a habit of tilting his head when he’s unsure of something.

3. Clapping while laughing

He is such a cute little bunny whenever he claps furiously while laughing.

4. Tucking hair behind his ears

He has been seen numerous times tucking his hair behind his ears.

5. Shaking his fists

This little habit is just too cute for words.

6. Holding his hand up while drinking water

Fans have spotted him many times holding his hands up while drinking water.

7. Slapping butts

He seems to slap butts of not only BTS members but also other close friends and groups as well.

8. Using his feet as floor cushions

9. Standing behind members

He’s always seen hiding behind the members during interviews or ceremonies and it just makes him look like the cutest bunny ever.

10. Pointing his toes

Many hours of dance practicing might be the reason for his constant toe pointing habit.

What are some of your other favorite habits from Jungkook?