10 Of BTS’s Most Panty-Dropping Body Rolls

Your body is NOT ready for all this sexy.

BTS is incredibly talented, blessed in the visual department, and humble AF. There’s truly not one thing to dislike about these multi-talented kings. While acknowledging all of their good points, we’d be remiss if we didn’t address the incredible thirst they inspire (we’ve seen the Tweets 👀). So, with that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some of BTS’s most panty-dropping body rolls. (You’re welcome!)

1. Blessing everyone with eyes

Pick your jaws up off the floor because he really did that. 👏 If your ovaries didn’t explode while watching this, we can only assume you didn’t have any to start with.

Source: unditaeble/Tumblr

2. Help, we’ve fallen and can’t get up

Or maybe don’t help. The view is pretty good from down here. 👀

Source: ofhairandthighs/Tumblr

3. RM slaying everyone

Is it possible to get pregnant watching a gif? Asking for a friend.

Source: taeggida/Tumblr

4. Send help

This time we mean it. It’s too much to handle.

Source: porkiemoo/Tumblr

5. Or maybe don’t, we’re okay

On second thought, watching this healed our body and soul.

Source: cherryblossomendings/Tumblr

6. How could anyone resist

Look at this! Look with your eyes!

Source: kookiegguk/Tumblr

7. Feeling a little attacked rn

Pretty sure even our ancestors and descendants are feeling a little parched right now.

Source: empressbangtan/Tumblr

8. Is it hot in here or…

It’s hot in here right? Right? *checks thermostat*

Source: unditaeble/Tumblr

9. … Is it just us?

Oh my gosh, is it just us (and all of you reading this). 🥵

Source: ofhairandthighs/Tumblr

10. Nope, it’s definitely hot in here

Excuse us while we go sit on a block of ice. 🧊

Source: ofhairandthighs/Tumblr

Oof, when we started this list we thought our bodies were ready, but they weren’t. We hope you’re all faring better than we are after appreciating BTS’s sexy moves. 🥵🧊