Here’s 10 BTS Jinkook Moments That Will Have You UWU For Days

Jinkook forever!

We all know just how caring and loving all the members of BTS are, but the relationship between the oldest Jin and youngest Jungkook are truly precious. Jin has seen Jungkook grow up from a child into a man and is very proud of the person Jungkook has become today.

1. Jin remembers the first time meeting Jungkook as being memorable because he can’t forget Jungkook’s wide-eyed deer eyes.

2. Jin is always there when Jungkook needs a hug.

3. They are always happy to meet each other.

4. Jin thinks Jungkook is perfect just the way he is.

5. They get excited when they win at games.

6. They love to copy each other.

7. They’re always down to dance.

8. These two are inseparable.

9. Jungkook loves to bother Jin when he’s taking selfies.

10. It’s only natural to take photos of Jin while he’s sleeping, right?

These two have such great chemistry that sometimes it’s hard to tell who the oldest and youngest member is!