10 Celeb Couples Who’ll Completely Restore Your Faith In Love

This is what true love looks like.

With many celeb couples breaking up after a short stint at love, it seems unreasonable to believe. Then you look at the below 10 and, like a light through a crack in the wall, you begin to see: love does exist!


1. Ku Hye Sun & Ahn Jae Hyun

Ahn Jae Hyun responded to a question about having kids that he’d be a luxorious husband: “Even if we do have kids, I think I’d say “I love you” more to my wife than my kids.”


2. Taeyang & Min Hyo Rin

This couple only recently got engaged but their love dates back more than 4 years. Taeyang spoke about Min Hyo Rin‘s influence on him: “As it was the case with ‘Eyes, Noes, Lips’, it’s impossible not to be influenced. She’s someone I love the most, so I think of her as an inspiring muse.”


3. Moon Hee Joon & Soyul

The first ever idol couple to get officially hitched, Moon Hee Joon and Soyul have been together for more than a year. Moon Hee Joon’s confessed that he and So Yul hang the clothes they each wore on their first date together to look at as a way to make up after a fight.


4. Chu Ja Hyun & Yu Xiaoguang

Appearing on Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny, this international couple has won over numerous fans for their obvious love and care for each other. Yu Xiaoguang made many jealous when he canceled his schedules and hurried back to Korea when he found out that Chu Ja Hyun was pregnant.


5. Lee Hyori & Lee Sang Soon

The stars of Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast, Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon are a formidable fortress of love. They moved to the Jeju island so they can have more time to themselves!


6. Lee Dong Gun & Jo Yoon Hee

These two were so sure of each other that they got married after only dating for 2 months! The couple recently welcomed the birth of their first child, a daughter.


7. Kim Gook Jin & Kang Susie

These two dol ssings (newly singles) started flirting on television. Kim Gook Jin famously told Kang Susie that she doesn’t need to knock when she comes in his room. Their flirtations led to the start of a real relationship!


8. Seven & Lee Da Hae

Lee Da Hae credited Seven for helping her through tough times: “His positive energy helped me become positive during bad times in my life.” The couple recently graced Paris with their superior visuals.


9. Cha Ye Ryun & Joo Sang Wook

Joo Sang Wook famously said this about his now wife Cha Ye Ryun: “There’s only one woman for me in the whole world.” Enough said.


10. Kim Yuna & Kim Hyung Kyu

Jaurim’s Kim Yuna and Kim Hyung Kyu defy old notions about married couples with kids; these two love having fun. Not only that, Kim Hyung Kyu regularly boasts how submissive he is towards his wife, but he enjoys it.


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