10 Celebrities Who Have Started Side Businesses In The Food Industry

These celebs have their very own successful businesses.

1. Hong Suk Chun

Hong Suk Chun isn’t the proud owner of a single restaurant, he actually owns nine! His restaurants are known to be on the high-end side and are all characterized with the prefix “My.”

His restaurants have always been super popular with other celebs, many of which have been spotted at the various locations.


2. Hong Jin Kyung

From radio DJ and model to Kimchi queen, Hong Jin Kyung started her business from the bottom and grew it into one of the most well-known kimchi businesses in South Korea.

Her business first started when she would give her mother’s kimchi to her friends but word quickly spread and it turned into a full-scale online business. The Kimchi has done so well that it’s now a multi-billion won enterprise!


3. BIGBANG’s Seungri

Seungri may have started with a single Japanese style ramen restaurant but the business was so popular that it just keeps expanding!

Aori Ramen currently has over 30 branches all over Asia and it’s nowhere from its peak!


4. Heo Kyung Hwan

The popular comedian isn’t just known for his jokes, Heo Kyung Hwan also owns a very successful chicken restaurant. The business is called HEOdak and is very popular.

One of the most well-received dishes is the “egg-laying fried chicken.” This dish is served with an egg tucked beneath a fried chicken nestled on a bed of noodles to give the appearance of a chicken who’s laid an egg. All in all, it looks like Heo Kyung Hwan’s sense of humor is definitely reflected in his restaurant.


5. Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk‘s café, Mansion 89, was a long-time dream of the actor. The large and trendy place offers several beverages and food.

 Lee Jong Suk actually spent much of his own time working on the café and has even been spotted working there!


6. Yoo Ah In

The popular actor created Studio Concrete back in 2015. Along with various artists, he remodeled an old house and made a space for creative individuals to get together.

While the complex hosts galleries, libraries, and shops, it also has a an art gallery café where one can enjoy art while sipping some coffee.


7. Jo Kwon

Seoul’s first cereal café is owned by Jo Kwon. The café located in the heart of Gangnam serves up every variety of cereal along with your choice of milk and toppings.

Jo Kwon’s Midnight in Seoul is also extremely popular. It’s a hotspot for Instagram photos and many other celebs have gotten their cereal fix there.


8. Noh Hong Chul

Noh Hong Chul created The Iron Bookstore as a home away from home.

While this business is first and foremost a bookstore, the shop also hosts a mini café where you can pick up some of Noh Hong Chul’s beer!


9. Yoo Yeon Seok

The popular actor worked hard and opened up his own bar in the center of Itaweon. He personally took care of the decoration and aesthetics of LUA Lounge Bar.

It boasts a cozy and comfortable interior that is just right for a date or an evening with friends. Perhaps because of all the hard work he put into it, it’s one of the most popular places in Itaweon.


10. Henry

Henry was always known to have a high interest in cooking, and he took that talent to the test as he recently opened up his first restaurant, Xiao Zhan!

Located right in the heart of Apgujeong Rodeo, his Chinese fusion cuisine is bringing in a large attraction already.


Source: 1boon