10 Celebrities Who Go Over And Beyond For Their Staff

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the kindest of them all?

1. Cha Tae Hyun

Actor Cha Tae Hyun is notorious for handing out gifts to his colleagues and staff at the end of each movie he films. After filming the movie “My Sassy Girl 2,” he gifted all of his co-workers and staff with gold – about 8 grams of it each!


2. Kim Gook Jin

Radio Star host Kim Guk Jin is also very generous to not only his friends but to those in need as well. His nickname is ‘Mi Dam Vending Machine‘ because he continuously gives in a touching and beautiful way. When colleague Kim Soo Young got married, he paid for his extravagant honeymoon in full! Additionally, when close friend Kim Yong Man was professionally going through a rough patch, he gave him roughly $31,000 USD to help out with living expenses!


3. Park Na Rae

Comedian Park Na Rae enjoys inviting friends over to her home bar, “Narae Bar” where she likes to extravagantly feed her friends with good food and good booze. When fellow comedian brothers, Yang Se Chan and Yang Se Hyung were not doing so well financially, she gave them $100,000 out of the goodness of her heart.


4. Jo In Sung

Actor Jo In Sung is also another benevolent giver to his close friends and staff. When best friend Song Joong Ki was discharged from the military service, Jo In Sung paid for his trip to Thailand with him and Lee Kwang Soo. In 2015, when his long-time stylist got married, he gifted him with a car as a wedding gift- and he paid for the full amount of the vehicle insurance fee as well!


5. PSY

Global star PSY is also a cheerful giver. He covered all of the costs for his manager’s wedding, who had been with him for 12 years. And at the height of his fame, he also stopped his US activities for a couple days to return home and to celebrate the wedding ceremony with him! Additionally, PSY frequently likes to rent out clubs and throw glamorous surprise birthday parties for his back up dancers!


6. Hong Suk Chun

TV host Hong Suk Chun is a famous businessman with many restaurants around Seoul. Celebrities often like to visit his restaurant because he gladly empties out the floor to give them privacy and space from the public eye. Celebrity friends are especially grateful for this kind gesture because it shows that Hong Suk Chun cares more about his friends than making a profit!


7. Kim Gun Mo

Veteran singer Kim Gun Mo is famous for also taking close care of his friends and staff. He especially likes to show his gratitude by personally preparing food for them! On special days, he is known to prepare special Kim Gun Mo branded dishes such as ‘4 layer steak cake,’ and ‘Ultra big kimbap’ as souvenirs to celebrate the special day.


8. Go Hyun Jung

Actress Go Hyun Jung is known to be kind to everyone around her. Nintendo DS, designer watches, luxury brand coats, are some gifts that she has given to all of her staff. She also personally handcrafts and cooks lunches for her fellow actors and staff who are unable to go home on special holidays.


9. Han Eun Jung

Actress Ha Eun Jung gifted her manager of 11 years with a total wedding package. She bought him a foreign car, designer watch, shoes, and clothes (for both the bride and groom) as a gift of gratitude for being her manager! She even arrived early the day of the wedding and gladly greeted guests, took pictures with them, and helped out with wedding preparations as if her own brother were getting married!


10. Lee Bon

Host Lee Bon frequently visits sick staff members’ family in the hospital and pays for their treatment. Lee Bon’s mother was very sick with cancer and so she especially makes an effort to take care of her staff with sick family members. Additionally, in the cold winter, she likes to buy all of her staff long padding jackets to keep them warm in the bitter cold.

Source: Insight
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