10 Christmas K-Pop Songs That Should Be In Your Holiday Playlist In 2021

Let these bops spice up your holiday playlist!

The holidays are here and it is time to update our Christmas playlists! Fortunately, there is no shortage of K-Pop Christmas bops to add some more fun to the holidays and to set a chill mood and get cozy with.

Here are 10 of the best Christmas K-Pop songs—from classic pieces to iconic new bops—to spice up your Christmas playlist.


1. “The First Snow” by EXO

This classic is cute and fun and will never fail to get you in the holiday mood.

2. “Butter (Holiday Remix)” by BTS

It’s hard not to get up and dance to this song, which is what makes it an ideal addition to this year’s celebrations!

3. “Christmas EveL” by Stray Kids

If the title of the song doesn’t get you, then the crazy fun vibes surely will.

4. “Lonely Christmas” by MONSTA X

This song’s jazz sounds are hard to resist. It makes for a perfectly relaxed, yet animated mood.

5. “The Magic of Christmas Time” by Taeyeon

Taeyeon’s vocals really highlight the holiday spirit in this song from her 2017 Christmas album, This Christmas-Winter is Coming.

6. “Candles” by THE BOYZ

The smooth vibes and harmonizing vocals of the members make this a great song to wind down with during the holidays.

7. “Solo Christmas” by Ailee and Wheein

This soulful song by vocalist queens Ailee and Wheein is sure to make you feel things!

8. “Amusement Park” by Baekhyun

This song blends Baekhyun’s effortlessly stylish sound with the warm and cozy vibes of the holidays, making it an absolute must in your Christmas playlist.

9. “5 Christmas Languages” by Jamie

Jamie and her 2020 single, “5 Christmas Languages,” will be hard to resist when you hear the infectious mood of the song.

10. “For You” by Lee Hi and Crush

Iconic vocalist Lee Hi teamed up with industry legend Crush to deliver this smooth song that somehow captures the holiday spirit while also sounding timeless at the same time. A definite must to set a relaxed holiday mood.