10 Classic Songs That Will Have You Fall In Love With IU

All of IU’s songs are playlist-worthy!

IU debuted as a singer at the age of fifteen and gained mainstream success with her release of “Good Day” in 2010. She is a multi-talented celebrity in that she sings, produces, and acts! Although many of her popular tracks are well known, here’s a list of other songs from her albums that you may want to add to your playlist!

1. “New Shoes”

This track is from her CHAT-SHIRE album from 2013. This album was nominated for MAMA’s Song of the Year and Best Vocal Performance – Female.

2. “Glasses”

This track is also from her CHAT-SHIRE album and features a feel good medium-tempo sound mixed with a bit of Latin influence.

3. “Secret Garden”

This track is from her album A Flower Bookmark 2 released in 2017. This a remix version of the original track sung by singer Lee Sangeun.

4. “Hold My Hand”

This track was from the album My Last Love OST Part.4 in 2011 and is her first self-written and composed song. This was an OST for the drama The Greatest Love.

5. “Unlucky”

This track is from her album Love Poem released in 2019. This album features the unique ‘IU’ style sound that focuses on her signature vocals.

6. “Black Out”

This track is from her album Palette released back in 2017. This song gives a more funky edgy vibe in comparison to her usual bright and colorful sound.

7. “Heart”

This track was released in 2015 and was composed and produced by IU herself. This was also used as the soundtrack for the drama The Producers.

8. “Peach”

This track is from her album Spring of a Twenty Year Old from 2012. This song reentered music charts in 2019 as this song was revealed to have been written about the late singer, Sulli.

9. “Knees”

This track is a part of her CHAT-SHIRE album from 2015 and is about someone who can’t sleep at night due to the desire for familiarity and comfort. IU revealed that she wrote this song one night when she couldn’t sleep because she was so angry and sad.

10. “Above the Time”

This track is from her Love Poem album from 2019 and is a lovely piece that goes through all the emotions that we can relate to. Her voice in this track seems to just melt seamlessly and is a great song to listen to before going to bed.

Let us know what your all-time favorite IU song is below!