Here Are 10 Clichés That Are Seen In Nearly All K-Dramas

“Rich guy falls in love with the poor girl”.

Korean dramas are some of the most iconic things about Korean entertainment. They are full of uniques stories and love lines that make viewers want to keep watching. There is also a lot of clichés in Korean dramas that are almost to be expected. A YouTube channel by the name of TAKEONE had people discuss some clichés they know about Korean dramas, here are some of them.

1. Rich guy and poor girl fall in love

2. Constant cycles of breaking up and getting back together

3. Love can happen anywhere

4. Family issues

5. The evil mom

6. Affairs and family troubles

7. Male being secretly rude to the woman

8. Always bumping into each other

9. Dramatic music

10. Kiss scenes and music

Watch the full video below!