10+ Most Insane Rumors Ever Spread About WANNA ONE

Who even comes up with these things?

1. Lee Daehwi is gay

Although it is difficult to pinpoint exactly where or even why this rumor started, Lee Daehwi has been rumored to be gay. Since he has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors some netizens continue to speculate, while others think that his sexual orientation none of anyone’s business. Thankfully, the rumors don’t seem to be affecting Lee Daehwi  as he made a witty reference to them during a game of intimidation with Super Junior’s Heechul on Knowing Bros.


2. Kang Daniel was expelled from high school and went around beating up other kids

Kang Daniel clarified these rumors on an episode of Radio Star. He said, “I began b-boying in middle school and wasn’t interested in studying. I had no choice but to go to an art high school but the tuition was too expensive so I had to drop out. My mother raised me alone so it was difficult for us.”


3. Kim Jaehwan bullied another kid from his school

An unknown poster claimed that Kim Jaehwan was one of the students that bullied him in school. The poster uploaded unverifiable images of a text message with his/her school teacher as well as a screenshot of a phone call log, claiming that he/she called a consultation center due to the trauma caused by the idol. Since Kim Jaehwan did not have an agency at the time, a friend of his stood up for him instead and promised to press charges against the person who had tried to destroy his reputation before the live broadcast of Produce 101 Season 2.


4. Hwang Minhyun is dating Red Velvet’s Joy

An anonymous poster claimed that they found out Hwang Minhyun’s Apple ID and found texts he had sent to Joy that proved the two celebrities were dating. The original post, which provided no evidence whatsoever, gave birth to this rumor. Hwang Minhyun’s kiss scene in the film Their Distance added to this rumor as some people thought the silhouette of the woman he was kissing looked like Joy.


5. Hwang Minhyun is dating AOA’s Seolhyun

Seolhyeon happened to “like” a post on Minhyun’s SNS account, and netizens immediately jumped to conclusions…


6. Hwang Minhyun is dating DIA’s Huihyeon

Rumors that Hwang Minhyun and DIA’s Huihyeon spread like wildfire across certain online communities despite a complete lack of evidence. The only thing the two had in common was that they both appeared on Produce 101 and were both part of active idol groups at the time.


7. Lai Guanlin is a smoker

A photo of what looks like Lai Guanlin smoking in the bathroom was floating around the internet, causing rumors that he was a smoker. The photo was later proven to be another person who simply looks like him.


8. Ong Seongwoo goes to clubs

A couple of photos began circulating around online forums that made it look as though Ong Seongwoo was spotted at a club. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with going to nightclubs, this would have been at odds with his image. In the end, it was revealed that the photos were not taken at clubs—one photo was taken with a a friend from his dance academy (above) while the other photos were actually taken at a pub where he was enjoying a few drinks with some friends (below).


9. Kim Sohye (former I.O.I member) asked for Park Woojin’s number

Kim Sohye once revealed that she was interested in Park Woojin, though it is widely believed that she meant it as a fan and nothing more. After this revelation, Sohye apparently received a  lot of hate and criticism until she spoke out about it during a radio broadcast. The two had never even had the chance to say “hello” to one another, let alone have any more sordid interactions!


10. Yoon Jisung was dating Red Velvet’s Irene

Yoon Jisung and Irene’s dating rumors spread quickly, probably in part due to the large number of fanfics that star the two idols. The stories apparently include very detailed fiction including text messages between the two as well as acts of jealousy between members. Many fans continue to fantasize about a relationship between the two gorgeous idols but it remains just a rumor!


11. Bae Jinyoung is dating Lee Daehwi

Whether this is a rumor or just the fevered imagination of JinHwi shippers, online communities rave about the closeness of the two Wanna One members and just cannot get enough of their bromance!

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