10+ Of The Cringiest Christmas Pick-Up Lines Inspired By Your K-Pop Biases

They work…if you’re into that.

Christmas time is near, and you know what’s perfect for that? Beautiful one-liners inspired by all your K-Pop biases! If you’re following through with these, good luck! You’re gonna need it.

1) Are you Christmas? Because I’d Happily “Merry” you!

Pretty sure this wasn’t the intended interpretation of TWICE‘s “Merry and Happy“, but have a happy, “Merry” Christmas this year anyway!


2) I’m glad the holiday season is so “ICY” because you’re “SO HOT”.

Let ITZY‘s “ICY” make you appreciate the cold weather, because Wonder Girls‘s “SO HOT” will bring the heat in no time!



3) You take me to “Christmas Paradise” because you’re still my “No.1”.

When in doubt (especially for Christmas Paradise ideas), look at BoA for all your inspiration!


4) Do you like Super Junior? Well then “Santa, U Are The One”!

When you and Santa share the same bias group, you know its a great list you ended up on! Listen to “Santa U Are The One” here!


5) We’ve met TWICE before, because you’re “The Best thing I Ever Did”.

This honestly requires no further subtext. #SorryNotSorry


6) Do you wanna kiss under the mistletoe and get an “Electric Shock”?

f(x) knew exactly how to shock things up, because this Krystal

…is also this Krystal.


7) Don’t be a “Really Bad Boy” because Santa Claus is coming to town!

Red Velvet knows what you’re doing this year, and if you’ve been “a really bad boy“, they know that, too.


8) Damn girl, you SHINee in my “Winter Wonderland”

At least you’ll shine somewhere, because this pick-up line is not going to do you any favors.


9) Don’t be “JELLY JELLY”, “CHEER UP” and be my “HEARTSHAKER” this Christmas!

TWICE really have the best songs to tell your intended ones to “come hither” this Christmas.


TWICE’s “Heartshaker” MV also hit 300 million views on December 10! Watch the MV here to celebrate!


10) I’d be the “Lucky One” if your “Miracles In December” were all me.

EXO have quite the repertoire of Christmas songs under their belt, and there’s nothing like this mash-up of titles to truly drive your love interest away.


11) Are you BLACKPINK? Because you make my Jingle Bell Rock!

Over here, we’re bringing back BLACKPINK‘s iconic 2018 performance of “Jingle Bell Rock”! If BLACKPINK doesn’t get you what you want, well, at least you still have BLACKPINK.


12) Shouldn’t you be on top of the Christmas tree, “Angel”?

As sung by NCT 127, “I saw an angel…”, and you belong on the Christmas tree!

(angel Jeno for representation purposes only)


13) I must be the “First Snow” you saw this Christmas, because I’ve fallen for you.

On the slightly less-cringey spectrum of things, maybe this EXO song could actually hit all the feels, if you play your cards right.

(to play your cards right, do not use above gif as reference)


14) I “Don’t Wanna Cry”, so be mine this Christmas.

Who would wanna make SEVENTEEN cry?! And who wouldn’t want to be with SEVENTEEN? Be with SEVENTEEN!


15) You don’t have to spend a “DALLA DALLA” on me, just spend Christmas together with me.

Well, we know you wanted to be “different” this Christmas, but maybe you can try asking for juuust an ITZY album along with all that personal time on Christmas.


Have a great Christmas this year…and try these pick-up lines for your best Christmas yet!