10 Cute Moments Of BTS’s V And Jungkook Being Maknaes

Who doesn’t love the maknae line?

BTS‘s two youngest members V and Jungkook are known to have a close bond and are always up for a fun time with each other. Here’s a list of 10 moments of them two just being the maknaes that they are!

1. Who wouldn’t buy that burger? We’d buy it in a heartbeat if those two are the models!

2. Although they are only one year apart, V loves to fool around with the golden maknae.

3. They’ve spent so much time together that even their rolls are in sync.

4. Jungkook gets the blame even though it was actually Jin who was fooling around.

5. Jungkook loves to make fun of V because his reactions are too cute!

6. V looks like a proud older brother during Jungkook’s graduation.

7. These two have a certain chemistry that only works for them.

8. Jungkook is always up for anything V does.

9. Love shots!

10. Is someone bothering you? I got you!

These two have such a close and cute relationship that always melts fans’ hearts. Even though they are now grown men, their relationship continues to stay strong!