10+ Dark-Haired BLACKPINK’s Rosé Moments That Will Make You Wish She’d Go Back To Black

Blacksé, we miss you.

Judging by the teasers for “How You Like That”, BLACKPINK’s Rosé will be sporting a dazzling grey-blue ombré hairstyle this era. Some BLINKs, however, were hoping she’d return to a natural dark look this time around. After all, she almost always keeps her hair light or colored. While Rosé undoubtedly looks showstopping with blonde hair, pink hair, red hair, and everything in between, these 10 moments she looked gorgeous with dark hair might have you joining Team Back-to-Black.

1. Rosé’s dark-haired visuals were out of this world before she even debuted

2. That contrast is so eye-catching on stage…

3. …and off stage too

4. Dark-haired Rosé pulls off bangs so well

5. The look just gives her a whole new dimension

6. It stood out so well against the colors in the “As If It’s Your Last” MV

7. Even at the airport, “darksé” turns heads

8. And black hair is so easy to match to any outfit

9. It would be great to see her come full circle

10. Dark hair matches her classy vibe perfectly

11. Admit it: you’re a dark-haired Rosé convert now