10+Delicious K-Pop-Themed Cakes Guaranteed To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

You won’t believe these are edible!

Cakes are becoming more and more elaborate as the years go by. Originally, you only really saw jaw-dropping cakes at a professional bakery or on a TV competition. But now, people at home are making delectably gorgeous cakes!

Here are 10+ K-Pop-themed cakes that are not only a feast for your mouth but a feast for your eyes!

1. BT21’s TATA

Korean “lunchbox cakes” have been exploding in popularity over the last year. These cakes typically have minimalistic designs and are small enough to fit inside a small takeout box. This TATA-themed cake is everything we could have ever asked for and more!


You don’t have to make a cake complicated for it to be show-stopping! This ASTRO-themed cake adorably represents the boys while staying ultra chic.

3. IU

Many people also love to recreate album covers and scenes on their cakes in icing! This IU cake is to die for!


You can do many things with fondant and modeling chocolate… so why not make all 4 members of BLACKPINK? These figures are so cute we can’t believe they’re edible!

5. Stray Kids

Portrait cakes are common for someone’s birthday, so why not a K-Pop idol? This Changbin cake is so charming!


This cake is amazing as it features all of the boys but still sneaks in some sugary decorations in between!


This cake is so elegant with pastel colors and simple-yet-effective design. Adorable!

8. EXO

Ever thought all 9 members of EXO couldn’t possibly fit on a lunchbox cake? Think again! This baker did it flawlessly and with style.


This baker decided to take some inspiration from THE BOYZ performances on Kingdom! We can’t imagine how long it took to carve these pieces out!


Sometimes, the classic one-color cake is what we need, and this one is so satisfying to look at.

11. TXT

Not only did this baker create the fondant boy group (and assumably the birthday person), but they also managed to tie TXT’s color scheme into the cake in a fun way.

12. BTS

This cake is inspired by an adorable selfie of the boys! The colors are cute and fresh.


You don’t need realistic portraits when chibis exist! This cake captures VICTON’s energy in a delicious edible way.


This cake is so clean, and pretty we wouldn’t want to take a bite! Not to mention the fully edible Candy Bong on top!