10+ Dorky Moments of BTS That Will Make You Wonder If They’re Really Adults Or Not

What do Halloween and BTS dance videos have in common? Cute, funny goofballs in costumes.

It’s no secret that BTS members have grown up to be wonderful, hard-working professionals who are mature beyond their years.

Jungkook, their maknae, started in the entertainment industry at the international age of 15.

He had to grow up in front of the eyes of every ARMY.

And RM was just 19 years old (international age) when the group debuted on June 13, 2013.

He had to develop himself into a dependable and trustworthy leader for the sake of the group.

When the situation calls for it, BTS knows how to be serious and mature in the way they conduct themselves.

Maybe that’s why they’re such adorable goofballs when all the guards are down and the only thing left to do is to let yourself go and have fun!

Here are 10+ dorky moments of BTS showing their cute, fun and quirky side:

1. Water is their element


2. “Yeah, you got that yummy, yum…”

Can you believe this bear-lover is the group’s second oldest?

3. BTS as actual children excited about food

BTS as kids: get cranky when their favorite food isn’t given.

4. Blocking out all the noise from the haters

5. How do you walk again?

Does this remind you of a toddler learning how to walk? Same.

6. Punishment photos at the airport

Notice how J-Hope is at every punishment photo. Maybe he likes being punished so much that he doesn’t care about losing anymore?

7. Their music video is as deep as V’s voice

Yes, no funny business here, of course.

8. Powerful dance moves to steal your heart

What do Halloween and BTS dance videos have in common?

They’re both enjoyed by hyper kids in costumes.

9. Give this editor a raise

10. Their curiosity about the human body

You’d think their hands were glued to Suga‘s butt!

BTS and their members’ bodies = moth drawn to a flame. 

11. Their loving signs of affection

Nothing says “I love you” more than a punch on the face…

…or a playful hit on the side of your head.