Here Are 10 Emotional ARMY Reactions To RM’s “mono.” Getting Its 17th All-Kill On iTunes Worldwide

“Mono feels like a warm hug on a cold night.”

With BTS RM‘s mixtape mono. achieving its 17th All-Kill on iTunes Worldwide, ARMYs all around the globe have come together to trend #mono17thKill and share about how the album has had such a positive impact on their lives.

Here are 10+ of the most emotional reactions to the mixtape’s success:

1. Mono Is A Place of Comfort

This ARMY expressed her love for the album and how it helped her feel safe, even in simple situations such as eating and sleeping.

2. Mono Is A Story

One ARMY posted about how RM’s album is life-changing, and that they hope to use the mixtape to share his story with those around them.

3. Mono Is A Masterpiece

Another ARMY shared how grateful they were for RM’s mixtape, calling it a “masterpiece” and affirming that it deserves all the love it gets.

4. Mono Is RM’s Moonchild

This ARMY brought back a clip of RM reacting to the release of mono. He went through such a wave of feelings before ultimately ending up with a big smile on his face because his musical baby had finally been let out into the world.

5. Mono Is A Reminder

Similar to the rest of BTS’ discography, one ARMY said that they absolutely adore RM and mono. is a constant reminder for them to keep loving themselves.

6. Mono Is A Hug During Hard Times

This ARMY also mentioned how mono. helps them fall asleep at night, comparing the feeling of comfort to a hug. The photo of RM cuddling his Koya pillow only makes this tweet even more wholesome!

7. Mono Helps Us Find Ourselves

One ARMY singled out the track “uhgood” as a song that holds a special place in their heart because of its relatability and how it helped them with their own self reflection.

8. Mono Is A Work Of Art

Another ARMY talked about how proud they were of RM’s success and called the mixtape a “work of art.”

9. Mono Is Peace And Healing

This ARMY expressed how much the mixtape deserved all of the positive recognition it has received and described mono. as “peace and healing itself.”

10. Mono Saves Us

mono. is truly an album that dives deep into the mind of RM and reminds us that he has the same, human thoughts that we do. For this ARMY, his words have saved and continue to save them from overwhelming things in their life.

How do you feel about mono. getting its 17th All-Kill?