10 of Eric Nam’s Greatest English One-Liners

Eric Nam has the voice of an angel, but he’s also funny as hell.

1. “Henry Lau! What are you doing?”

Eric Nam freaked out when his friend Henry (formerly Super Junior M) unexpectedly kissed his We Got Married wife.


2. “I keep hearing ‘Day6’. It’s like hearing ‘Voldemort’ in the back of my head.”

On episode 300 of After School Club, the hosts repeatedly heard Day6‘s name said somewhere in the background. Eric Nam called it subliminal messaging and compared himself to Professor Quirrell from the Harry Potter series.


3. “Your dog speaks Chinese?!”

Eric Nam has this epiphany during a watermelon eating contest on Amber’s (f(x) YouTube channel.


4. “Welcome back! I hope you like my beautimus teeth.”

Eric Nam welcomed After School Club viewers back from a commercial break with this unusual greeting. His co-MC, RM (BTS), just went along with it.


5. “I’d like to put him in a hotdog bun and “Nam Nam Nam” him all day.”

He said this hilarious line while dressed as his own fangirl, during an Eat Your Kimchi video.


6. “When I saw Hoya in the video I was like, you’re cute but, Ho Ya better move out the way because you’re blocking my Eric.”


7. “Congratulations.”

Eric Nam and Jackson (GOT7) picked on each other for most this episode, but Eric nearly left Jackson speechless when he said this. After repeatedly asking Mark questions, while shushing Jackson, Eric Nam finally let Jackson speak. When Jackson said, “I play basketball too”, Eric Nam responded with a sarcastic “congratulations” and a mocking round of applause.


8. “I never asked you!”

When Eric Nam’s brothers called into After School Club, he gave them nothing but attitude. It started right at the beginning of their call. Eric Nam shouted “I never asked you” at his brother when his brother attempted to go ahead and introduce himself.


9. “Don’t dish it if you can’t take it, bro.”

Eric Nam gave his brother this sound advice when he started to get sassy by insulting Eric Nam’s “chicken legs”.


10. “Leonardo DiCaprio is my twin brother, so…”

Speaking of brothers, Eric Nam jokingly compared his and Leonardo DiCaprio‘s looks during After School Club. When Kevin (U-KISS) asked him if he would consider going into acting, Eric Nam replied with, “Leonardo DiCaprio is my twin brother, so I wouldn’t be surprised”.

Eric Nam