10+ Examples How K-Pop Brings Positive Vibes Into Your Life

Here are 12 ways that K-Pop will improve your everyday life.

K-Pop is more than just music; it’s a gateway to many wonderful new experiences and positive lifestyle choices. Here is a list of ways that K-Pop can change your life for the better.


1. K-Pop builds self-confidence.

Positive tracks, like GOT7‘s “Just Right”, let listeners know that they are perfect just the way they are.


f(x)‘s Amber encourages listeners to embrace their unique beauty, no matter what other people might think about them with “Beautiful”.


EXO‘s “Can’t Bring Me Down” is an anthem for underdogs everywhere. It tells listeners to stand strong in the face of criticism and adversity.


Fiestar‘s Yezi pushes women to break free of gender expectations and embrace their individuality with her solo track, “Cider”.


2. K-Pop is a community.

K-Pop’s growing, global community offers a way for K-Pop fans to make new friends, both online and off.


Fans love to geek out about their favorite artists on social media sites like Tumblr, and Facebook…


…and in-person at conventions, like KCON USA.


3. K-Pop encourages a healthy lifestyle.

K-Pop idols spend countless hours singing and dancing so, naturally, they are in phenomenal shape!


Their fit physiques, exercise routines, and healthy diets, inspire fans to make healthy life choices too. SF9‘s “Mamma Mia” has even inspired a new fitness challenge.


The goal of the challenge is to lose as much weight as possible dancing to “Mamma Mia”.


4. K-Pop improves your wardrobe.

After seeing so many style icons, like Red Velvet‘s Seulgi, you might be inspired to trade in your old T-shirts and jeans for something a little more stylish.


Whether’s it’s CLC Elkie‘s stage fashion…


…or APRIL Naeun‘s street-fashion, K-Pop offers a look for every occasion.


5. K-Pop introduces you to a whole new…menu.

After seeing your oppa eat so many scrumptious dishes, you might want to try Korean food too!


This might include jjajangmyeon…


…or kimchi stew…


…or delicious bibimbap!


6. K-Pop improves your mood.

Having a bad day? Not any more! TWICE‘s new, upbeat song “What Is Love?” will help you forget your worries.


You can dance away your stress with MOMOLAND‘s catchy “BBoom BBoom”…




7. K-Pop encourages you to fight for your dreams.

Often times, achieving your dreams may seem impossible. Along the way, dream-chasers will encounter roadblocks that will make them want to throw in the towel.


Success does not come easily to most people, but songs like BTS‘s “Not Today” encourage listeners to keep fighting.

“All the underdogs in the world, a day may come when we lose but it is not today.
Today we fight!” – “Not Today” intro.


The idols themselves make these songs even more powerful. Each artist has struggled to survive and thrive, in the ultra-competitive Korean entertainment industry.

Backstage, Suga once talked about how, as trainees, he and RM had wondered if they would ever debut. Now, BTS is one of the most popular boy groups in the world.


Seeing how far each artist has come will give you the courage to persevere too.


8. K-Pop will expand your musical horizons.

One of the most beautiful things about music is its universality; every country and culture has its own unique sound.


Once you dive into K-Pop, you may find yourself wanting to learn more about J-Pop artists like FAKY


…or C-Pop artists, like TFBOYS.


9. K-Pop inspires you to learn new skills.

K-Pop’s intricate and fun choreography has inspired many fans to produce their own dance covers, like this EAST2WEST cover of Red Velvet‘s “Bad Boy”.


K-Pop may also inspire you to take up singing or rapping to produce your own vocal covers.


You may even want try getting a group of friends together to make a hilarious, K-Pop-inspired music video, like King Kenny Slay‘s Let Me Eat That #KIMCHI. 


10. K-Pop fan art will blow your mind.

Like music, artwork feeds the heart and soul. K-Pop fan artists have produced some of the most gorgeous fan art on the Internet. Here are just a few of the many pieces out there!


Omurizer, from Germany, has done fan art pieces of EXO, SHINee, and many other groups!


Exolightly has also done some colorful, traditional paintings of BTS and quite a few other groups.


11. K-Pop will improve you skin.

Before experiencing K-Pop you may not have given your skincare routine much thought. After seeing so many idols’ flawless faces, however, you’ve started to wonder how you can get your skin to look as terrific as TWICE’s Mina‘s.


K-Pop opens the doors to Korean skincare products like sheet masks.


12. K-Pop memes will never fail to brighten your day.

These K-Pop memes are totally relateable, and totally hilarious.