These Are The 10 Most Expensive Clothing Items BTS Has Ever Worn

They used to make their own inexpensive fashion, now they wear thousands of dollars in clothes.

It’s no secret that BTS and their stylists have impeccable taste! Check out the most expensive pieces of clothing they’ve ever worn.


10. Saint Laurent Contrast-Trim Lame Bomber Jacket (~$4223 USD)

Jimin wore this Saint Laurent bomber jacket to the AMAs back in 2017 and shone brightly on the red carpet.


9. Saint Laurent Black Wool Varsity Jacket with Embroidered Sleeves (~$4234 USD)

This Saint Laurent jacket was perfect for J-Hope’s bright and colourful “Daydream” music video!


8. VISVIM Valdez Coat (~$5030 USD)

RM posted a series of boyfriend-esque selfies in January, wearing this gorgeous coat for his #KimDaily series which features his everyday fashion.


7. Bottega Veneta Ready to Wear Jacket (~$5300 USD)

V perfectly pulled off this jacket from Italian high fashion brand Bottega Veneta for the BTS Billboard cover photoshoot.


6. Gucci Eco Cashmere Coat with Web (~$5500 USD)

This Gucci cashmere coat was worn by Jungkook for the red carpet and opening of the 2017 SBS Gayo Daejeon. What a little prince!


5. Saint Laurent Black Suede Jacket with Cutouts (~$5754 USD)

BTS’s stylists dressed Jimin up in this classy Saint Laurent jacket for the Billboard cover photoshoot.


4. Bottega Veneta Peach Rose Lamb Jacket (~$5900 USD)

Suga was spotted in this peach rose Bottega Veneta jacket for the Billboard cover photoshoot, a piece that costs almost $6000 USD!


3. Gucci Sequin Embellished Bomber Jacket (~$6225 USD)

Jimin has two versions of this Gucci bomber jacket, one from the “DNA” music video and “Love Yourself: Her” album promotions. The other was spotted at the AMAs.


2. Bottega Veneta Nero Suedo Ayers Jacket (~$7200 USD)

The golden maknae was a total hottie in this simple yet luxurious Bottega Veneta jacket for the Billboard cover shoot.


1. Gucci Corduroy Jacket with Buttons Embroidery (~$7580 USD)

V was decked out in a stunning, pricey Gucci jacket during BTS’s AMAs performance. Give the man a Gucci endorsement already!


BONUS: Their entire wardrobe for the “DNA” MV (~$32,200 USD)

BTS combined wore a wardrobe that cost about $32,200 USD for their “DNA” music video, so the bar has certainly been set high for the next comeback!