10 Facts You May Not Know About BLACKPINK’s “BOOMBAYAH” Music Video

Did you know about #5?

When BLACKPINK released their music video for “BOOMBAYAH” in August 2016, it became an instant hit. It’s been over four years since then, and they’ve come a long way. It is now one of the only K-Pop group music videos to reach one billion views.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about the video making process, check out some lesser-known facts about “BOOMBAYAH” below!

1. Their bikes were not moving.

First up, each member’s bike was stationary. In reality, what made the girls look like they were actually riding them was the moving background.

2. Jisoo’s head was the only one poking out.

When BLACKPINK danced in a straight line, Jisoo did her best to follow the choreography of two people sticking their heads out—but she ended up being the only one seen behind Lisa!

Originally, the heads of the two of us should appear here. I worked really hard for it. Every time I watch this, I can see my head protruding like that. I was the only one doing it!

— Jisoo


3. The background was made of bottles.

Mineral water bottles were used to make the gorgeous background the girls used for their solo scenes. They happily noted, “They don’t look like water bottles”.


4. The concept behind “BOOMBAYAH” was “troublemakers”.

The girls wore chains, chokers, and fishnets with their school girl-like costumes to embody the “troublemaker at school” concept of the music video.

5. Some moves were cut out.

The iconic “Oppa!” line was originally accompanied with scenes of BLACKPINK kicking and punching at the camera. Their tough girl act was instead replaced by cute fingers guns.

6. They loved the transition.

One of the parts they loved the most was the transition between Rosé‘s vocal part after the chorus and Lisa’s fierce rap.

7. Rosé had a difficult time doing her iconic move.

The move where Rosé slides across the floor may look easy enough, but it was one of the most tedious moves for her. Her clothes kept getting stuck and she even sustained some minor injuries.

8. They shot some scenes for 10 hours.

Though it may not look like it, the second verse featuring Jisoo and Jennie took ten hours to complete!

Because it was my scene, I didn’t recognize that so much time had passed. But when I looked at the clock after finishing the shooting, I was really surprised.

— Jisoo

9. Jisoo’s bangs were fake.


Jisoo wore clip-on bangs in the scene where they rode their bikes.

10. They had special roller skates.


Finally, even if you can barely see them, the skates BLACKPINK wore had drawings made especially by them.

In case you miss watching it, check out the “BOOMBAYAH” music video below!

Source: VLIVE