10 Facts TWICE’s Dahyun Spilled About Herself and Twice Members In An Interview With GOT7’s Youngjae

She drew Youngjae while a song played and he promised not to get mad at the result.

TWICE’s Dahyun recently was interviewed on GOT7‘s Youngjae‘s radio show and shared a few things about herself and the other members. The interview focused on her ideas, her impressions of the other members, and her songwriting. Thus, here are ten things Dahyun shared with GOT7’s Youngjae during his interview quiz for her.

1. Drawing was one of her hobbies.

Youngjae asked her to draw him while playing a song, and Dahyun obliged. In that short period, Dahyun drew a cute, funny sketch of him which she showed off. Youngjae joked, asking her if the drawing was a diss at him. She proudly pointed out that she took note of the mole near his eye. A listener who said that he majored in drawing quickly spotted Dahyun’s talent from how she drew Youngjae’s hair.

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2.  She wishes she had Jihyo’s voice volume.

Dahyun shared in the past that if she wanted a certain quality of any of the TWICE members, she wished she had Jihyo‘s loud voice because she found her voice small.

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3. She admires Chaeyoung’s carefree mindset.

Since Jihyo’s voice was her choice in the past, Youngjae asked her for a more updated answer. She picked Chaeyoung’s carefree spirit because Dahyung claims she tends to overthink and be careful. Chaeyoung’s free-spirited mindset appealed to her.

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4.  She once introduced herself as “lighting director” because of her skin

In high school, she introduced herself as the “lighting director” because her skin was so bright it seemed like she was a human light. Youngjae asked her to take a pose demonstrating, “this is the human light,” and she good-naturedly complied.

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5.  She wrote “Gone” lyrics throughout their trip to the U.S.

From the airport to travel times in between their activities in the U.S., Dahyun worked on writing “Gone,” focusing closely on the theme for the song.

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6. The director complimented her efforts in recording the song.

Dahyun was happy to be complimented for her efforts  in recording “Gone.” The director praised her for giving the right emotions to her song parts. She rationalized that being the songwriter, she knew precisely the feelings needed for her song parts and attributes her good efforts to that.

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7.  Momo gives her an older sister-like vibe

Whenever they were together, Dahyun felt Momo acted like an older sister to her. They were recently rehearsing a complicated choreography that needed to be organized well to avoid bumping into each other. Momo gave off an unni-like vibe (older sister) as she took charge and organized their positions in the choreography.

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8. She spends most of her free time lately with Tzuyu.

When asked who she spent most of her time with lately, Dayhyun said it was with Tzuyu because of their similar personalities. They recently went to a concert and shared hobbies. Dahyun admitted she was not the type to talk a lot, and Tzuyu was the same. Here is the best example of their quiet time together in the middle of the chaos with the rest of TWICE.

9. TWICE members do not respond much to messages in their chat group.

Dahyun used to get offended when no members responded to her messages in their chat group, but later on, she noticed the same thing happened when other members also sent messages. This does not mean that they do not talk to each other, Dahyun assured. They actually talk a lot.

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10. Jihyo monitored all their shows while she was under quarantine.

While Jihyo was under quarantine for COVID-19, she monitored all their shows and sent them everything she saw. She even saw Dahyun narrating her cringey ISAC experience to Radio Star hosts when she said her line at the wrong time. She announced, “the players are warming up,” while they were standing still in their lines. The players suddenly warmed up after her line as though she controlled their actions.

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