Here’s 10 Fan Reactions After Being Chosen For EXO Suho’s “Self-Portrait” Video Call Event

Cute bunny Suho!

EXO’s Suho, who recently released his first solo EP, Self Portrait, held a special video call event with fans in order to celebrate the release of his new album.

Lucky fans who were able to receive a call from Suho posted their reactions online, showing just how sweet and wonderful Suho was to them.

Those that were chosen for the video call received a text message a few minutes prior to the live call.

[SUHO ‘Self-Portrait’ Release VIDEO CALL EVENT Announcement]

In just a moment, the video call event with Suho will begin. Due to unstable connectivity with foreign networks, we have started local calls with winners for the event first. Please understand that we are sending this message to you beforehand so that we can go through with the call smoothly. This message is sent to the winners of the event five minutes prior to the face talk connection with Suho. We will try our best to match your time to have your call with Suho but please understand that it may be delayed due to unforeseen events. Thank you.


Let’s take a look at some of the amazing phone call reactions of Suho and his fans.

1. High-fives

Suho did a virtual high-five with his fan

2. Sweet and loving

The fan couldn’t think of anything to say during her call and asked Suho to say anything. Suho replied by saying that there is nothing that needs to be said and continued to stare at her lovingly. He was very sweet and answered her questions and asked what she wanted him to sign on her album as well.

3. Virtual Hand Shakes

When a fan was said that she couldn’t shake his hand in real life, he put his hand to the screen for a virtual shake. He also showed her the photo cards that were in her album!

4. Every Fans Dream

As soon as the fan picked up the call, he greeted her with her name and knew her age.

5. Made In Suho

When asked what instrument he would like to learn, he answered with, “Guitar!” He also sang her a bit of his song, “Made in You.”

6. Suho gives advice on what he does even when he’s busy

Fan: I was so busy in March so I had a hard time. What is something that you do even if you busy?

Suho: Workout

Fan: Working out?

Suho: Sorry hehe

7. By your side forever

Fan: Thank you and I love you Junmyeon! I will be by your side forever so please stay strong!

Suho: Thank you I will always be by your side too. Thank you.

8. Artists and fans are one

Suho’s facial expression shows just how sad he is that he is not able to meet with fans in-person.

9. Priceless

Fan: Ah please don’t sign on the outside. Please sign on the inside of the album.

Suho: Inside? Why?

Fan: I’m afraid I might ruin it!

Suho’s reaction is so cute!

10. Bunny

A fan requested that he draw a rabbit on her photo card so he shows her through the camera that he drew it with the words ‘i love you’ as well. He also tells the fan that he can’t hear her voice well and that he hopes to hear her voice again later!

These calls were originally supposed to be only 2 minutes long, but because talked about 4-5 minutes with fans, he had to delay the rest of his calls to April 4 because he had to go to his next scheduled activities.

Hello. Due to Suho’s previously scheduled activities we will have to reschedule the rest of the video call event to April 4. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience. We will send another text message on the new date beforehand to those that have yet to receive their call. We apologize once again for making you wait so long. Thank you.

Suho is so sweet for even going over time on the time limit in order to listen and talk with his fans!