10+ Fan Reactions To “Imitation” Finally Ending That Are Such A Mood (No Spoilers Edition!)

Well what are we supposed to watch on Fridays NOW?

With the release of the last episode of the K-Drama Imitation, fans have already begun to feel emotional about the fact that there won’t be another one premiering next Friday! The past 12 weeks have been quite a journey for fans, and they have a lot of thoughts about how it’s finally coming to a close.

So, let’s take a look at some *extremely* relatable reactions to the ending of Imitation:

1. These fans couldn’t believe it was happening!

2. And these fans are *really* going to miss Shax’s dynamic duo!

3. This fan is currently feeling ALL the feels!

4. And this fan is proud of their idol-turned actor faves ATEEZ!

5. These fans were touched by its hard-hitting story!

6. And these fans need some new K-Drama recommendations!

7. This fan will continue to support their total girl crush!

8. And this fan *still* can’t get over Hyeok’s duality!

9. This fan is convinced that someone is cutting onions!

10. And these fans are grateful for the amazing memories of Imitation they will have forever!

What did you think of the final episode?