10 Fan Songs Released By K-Pop Idols That Will Have You In Tears

Idols are always thankful to their fans.

K-Pop idol groups release fan songs on their albums as a gift to fans to let them know just how grateful they are for their never-ending support and love. In turn, fans also receive strength and love from these songs and are usually fans’ most favorite songs! Let’s take a look at some fan songs released by K-Pop groups!

1. SHINee

SHINee’s fan song “Honesty” is about the group thanking fans for always being by their side through all the hard times as they promise to sing for their fans forever.

2. Apink

Apink is known for releasing a song for their fans every year, and “The Wave” in particular was written during some of their hardest times, making it even more special to fans. The lyrics express that as long as they see a wave of the fans’ hand that they can do anything.


“Melody Song” is a promise from BTOB to their fans that they will be with them forever and always just like the day they first met.

 4. Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation has always shown love for their fans continuous support and love and their gratitude can be seen through their fan songs. “0805” talks about them never being shaken by anything and that they will continue to be there for their fans that made them shine so bright.

“Forever” talks about them wanting to be with their fans forever even though they may change and get older. They hope that fans will still be holding their hands as they continue life together even after this journey is over.

5. BTS

BTS’s “2!3!” talks about them forgetting about all the bad memories and being together in happiness. They hope fans will believe in them as they hold hands towards better things.

“Magic Shop” is a fan favorite as it has helped many fans get through a hard time. The lyrics “You gave me the best of me so you’ll give you the best of you” touched fans from all walks of life as it showed fans that they would be able to shine bright just as they helped BTS to shine.


INFINITE’s fan song “Begin Again” was released after they renewed their contract with their company. They express just how much strength their fans’ support gave them and that they were so close with each other that they could see each other’s pain. They hope that they can “begin again” with their fans knowing that their fans know them best.

7. IU

IU’s song to her fans called “Heart” is a genuine and hopeful message from IU to her fans. She only hopes that they will stay by her side even when everything else is gone and they are born again. She hopes that there will be no wrinkles on this heart and that it will stay alive forever.


GFRIEND’s fan song “You Are My Star” talks about how much they appreciate their fans for always being by their side and being their biggest support system. They thank fans for always singing their songs with such big hearts and looking at them with loving eyes. They hope that this relationship will shine bright forever.

What is your favorite fan song released by a K-Pop group? Songs dedicated to their fans always have a special place in fans’ hearts as it reassures them that their idols are always thankful and thinking about them!