10 Fan-Taken Photos Of TWICE’s Tzuyu That Prove She’s Even More Beautiful In Real Life

#6 is beyond beautiful 😍

TWICE‘s Tzuyu is so beautiful!

TWICE’s Tzuyu | @twicetagram/Instagram

As ONCEs know, Tzuyu always shines in professional photos. However, fan-taken photos really show just how gorgeous she is.

Here are 10 fan photos that show just how extraordinarily beautiful Tzuyu really is!

1. Literally flawless

Shoutout to all the lucky ONCEs who saw this Tzuyu in person!

2. An actual goddess

Even if you look at this picture for hours, you’ll never find a single flaw!

3. She looks like a model all the time…even in candid photos

You will NEVER catch Tzuyu off guard!

4. She’s so adorable

She looks positively radiant in this photo!

5. She looks at ONCE with such love

Tzuyu genuinely adores her fans!

6. Thinking about this photo 24/7

“Fancy” Tzuyu, you will always be famous!

7. Her “1,3,2” outfit is such a look

This photo is absolutely everything!

8. Naturally gorgeous

Tzuyu looks beautiful without any editing or retouching!

9. She’s so precious

This picture is too cute! We love her hand heart and smile!

10. Is it just us or is she literally glowing?

She’s too pretty for our minds to even comprehend!