10 Fan Tweets That Prove BTS’s Music Is Truly A Source Of Healing During These Times

This is the kind of music we need right now.

BTS has been busy with virtual performances this year and this time, they’ve taken over NPR Music’s “Tiny Desk” concert where they hold performances in a smaller intimate setting.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

The group performed with their concert band to sing “Dynamite”, “Save Me” and “Spring Day.” This intimate setting allowed listeners to feel a sense of healing and hope during these hard times.

Let’s take a look at fans’ reactions to their virtual concert.

1. Music that hits the soul

2. Songs (and visuals) to lift up anyone’s mood

3. Age doesn’t matter when it comes to BTS

4. A perfect gift to those having hard times

5. Music that transcends language

6. BTS’s genuine hearts could be felt by the fans

7. Vocals that make both fans and non-fans shook

8. Only a matter of time before the whole world becomes ARMY

9. Just like Big Hit’s motto of “Music & Artist for healing”

10. Born Singer

Watch the full video below for the full effect!