10 Female Celebrities Famous For Their Weight Loss Transformation

Is it time to prepare for summer already?

1. Park Boram

Park Boram, a successfully debuted singer from the popular audition program Superstar K2, weighed 170 pounds when she first appeared on TV. With a balanced meal plan and a lot of gym time, she lost 70 pounds and now rocks a slim shape.


2. Apink’s Eunji

Girl group Apink‘s Eunji used to weigh 137 pounds before and shortly after she debuted. She appeared on a TV show once and mentioned, “People have called my legs too fat. They asked if I’ve been hiking to school.” She lost 30 pounds from working out regularly and boxing.


3. Suzy

Singer and actress Suzy gained some weight when she starred in “Dream High” in 2011. To achieve the “girl group body”, she said she went on a strict diet of chicken breasts, sweet potatoes, and salads. With pilates, Suzy was able to slim down with shape!


4. Kang Sora

Popular actress Kang Sora appeared on a TV program and revealed she used to weigh 156 pounds before debuting and lost around 44 pounds to get into acting school. Since then, she has continuously been losing weight. She released pictures of herself during her ballet workout and wowed everyone.


5. Sulli

Former f(x) member Sulli had a completely different figure when she first debuted. She was nicknamed a “giant baby” for her figure. Soon she lost 22 pounds and shared her “standby room plastic bag workout” on a TV show. Whenever she would be on standby, she kicked around a tied up plastic bag and tried to keep it from touching the ground.


6. Ailee

Singer Ailee had a glamorous figure when she first debuted. She mentioned weighing over 132 pounds. In a short month’s time, she shed 22 pounds by eating only 500 kcal a day while keeping up with her singing and dancing practices.


7. UEE

When former After School member UEE debuted, she took Korea with a new term “honey thighs”, meaning a thicker-than-girl-group-average but healthy looking thighs. She said she jogged, hiked, and danced to shed off the extra pounds. She’s also known for promoting her weight loss method of drinking 2L of burdock tea daily.


8. Song Jieun

SECRET member Song Jieun was often criticized for her legs when she debuted as a part of the group. In preparation to fly solo, she lost a total of 33 pounds. In an interview, she shared that she exercises by dancing and going to pilates. She also said drinking red vinegar helped her slim down.


9. Shin So Yul

On the Talk Club Actors, actress Shin So Yul shared this old photo of herself when she was 20 years old and weighed 165 pounds. After hearing her boyfriend’s friends call her fat, she starved herself for a month, surviving only on some cabbage and water, to reach 101 pounds. Now she is at 112 pounds, with regular exercise and balanced meals.


10. DIA’s Chaeyeon

DIA member Chaeyeon weighed 141 pounds when she was in elementary school. Before and shortly after she debuted, she began shedding pounds from the hardcore dancing and practicing. In an interview, she said she survived on tofu, soymilk, and cherry tomatoes to lose 35 pounds.