10 Female Celebrities Who May Have Actually Found The Fountain Of Youth

Wait, how old are they?!

Something that many Korean celebrities are known for is not looking their age. There are numerous Korean celebrities who take great care of their bodies and skin in order to maintain their youthful look. Here are 10 female celebrities who look way younger than their actual age.

1. Jang Nara (Age: 40)

2. Ha Ji Won (Age: 43)

3. Moon Geun Young (Age: 34)

4. Park Bo Young (Age: 31)

5. Sandara Park (Age: 37)

6. Song Hye Kyo (Age: 40)

7. Jun Ji Hyun (Age: 40)

8. Kim Hee Sun (Age: 45)

9. Kim Tae Hee (Age: 41)

10. Song Ji Hyo (Age: 40)